March 13 – Bracket Update

Texas A&M, Old Dominion and Ole Miss now have flats after failing to avoid the potholes that were Auburn, MTSU and S. Carolina.  Illinois just flat out didn’t show up against Michigan.  The big winners of the day were IU and teams that didn’t play (specifically BYU).  Texas and Miami suffered close losses to very good teams, but still will be sweating bullets until 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Murray State could not have had a better day.  All these losses will almost assuredly create some debate in the committee room about the Racers.  While I still don’t think Murray State has the resume to make the tournament, unimpressive performances the next two days by UCLA, Temple and Tulsa could add to the cesspool of bad bubble teams.  Give the little guy a chance? The odds are certainly better than they were at the beginning of the week.

Last Four In:  Texas, BYU, Ole Miss, Miami

On the Doorstep:  UCLA, Temple, Tulsa, Murray St., Old Dominion, Illinois, Texas A&M


1 Kentucky vs. 16 Robert Morris/N. Florida – Louisville

8 Davidson vs. 9 Purdue

5 Georgetown vs. 12 Wofford

4 N. Carolina vs. 13 Buffalo – Jacksonville

3 Oklahoma vs. 14 N. Dakota St. – Columbus

6 SMU vs. 11 Boise St.

7 St. John’s vs. 10 NC State

2 Wisconsin vs. 15 Albany – Omaha


1 Virginia vs. 16 Co. Carolina – Charlotte

8 Cincinnati vs. 9 Ohio State

5 Wichita St. vs. 12 Louisiana Tech

4 Providence vs. 13 UC Davis – Portland

3 Iowa State vs. 14 NC Central – Columbus

6 Arkansas vs. 11 Colorado St.

7 Michigan St. vs. 10 Oklahoma St.

2 Arizona vs. 15 New Mexico St. – Portland


1 Duke vs. 16 Manhattan/Lafayette – Charlotte

8 Xavier vs. 9 LSU

5 W. Virginia vs. 12 S.F. Austin

4 No. Iowa vs. 13 Georgia St. – Seattle

3 Maryland vs. 14 Yale – Pittsburgh

6 Butler vs. 11 Texas/BYU

7 Oregon vs. 10 VCU

2 Kansas vs. 15 Belmont – Omaha


1 Villanova vs. 16 Tx Southern – Pittsburgh

8 Iowa vs. 9 Dayton

5 Louisville vs. 12 Ole Miss/Miami

4 Baylor vs. 13 Valparaiso – Jacksonville

3 Notre Dame vs. 14 Northeastern – Louisville

6 Utah vs. 11 Indiana

7 San Diego St. vs. 10 Georgia

2 Gonzaga vs. 15 E. Washington – Seattle


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