March 14 – Bracket Update

Still coming off my Irish high from last night, but there definitely was some movement throughout the bracket.  UC Davis, Louisiana Tech, NC Central all out.  Xavier keeps moving up.

With Duke and Virginia losing, there is now an opening for the last 1 seed.  In my not-so-expert opinion, Virginia is the most likely candidate to fall to a 2, which is where they are today in my bracket. Wisconsin moves up, assuming they take care of business the next two days. Duke remains a 1, mainly due to having road wins at both Virginia and Wisconsin.

I still have Gonzaga at a 2, for now, but Notre Dame and Iowa State can potentially steal that spot (Maryland still with a chance as well).  It’s also possible that if both the Irish and Cyclones win tonight that they both get 2 seeds, while Gonzaga and Kansas fall to 3s.

Regarding the bubble, I’m projecting that three spots are precarious: Colorado St., Ole Miss and Miami.  I think Indiana, Texas and BYU are in, as the committee hopefully looks at those teams and sees potential Sweet 16 appearances.  I sure do.

Four potential felons remain in UConn, Rhode Island, Wyoming, and Sam Houston State (see below).  Bank on one or two of those teams stealing a bid, which would not be good news for Miami and Ole Miss.  Temple has a chance to lock up a bid by beating SMU, and I think they need to do exactly that to get in.

If Sam Houston State (a top 100 team) beats Stone Cold S.F. Austin today, which is certainly possible, I may have Stone Cold still in the field tomorrow.  Murray State fans definitely need to be rooting for S.F. Austin to give Sam Houston State a Stone Cold Stunner.

On the Doorstep:  UCLA, Temple, Tulsa, Murray State

Here’s the bracket.  Hang that banner, Irish.

(Note: Boise is technically an 11, but moves to a 12 to accommodate the schedules for First Four participants.)


1 Kentucky vs. 16 N. Florida/Delaware St. – Louisville

8 St. John’s vs. 9 Ohio State

5 SMU vs. 12 Boise St.

4 Baylor vs. 13 E. Washington – Portland

3 Notre Dame vs. 14 Northeastern – Louisville

6 Georgetown vs. 11 Oklahoma St.

7 Utah vs. 10 Indiana

2 Gonzaga vs. 15 New Mexico St. – Seattle


1 Wisconsin vs. 16 Texas Southern – Omaha

8 Cincinnati vs. 9 Dayton

5 Providence vs. 12 Buffalo

4 N. Carolina vs. 13 Valparaiso – Jacksonville

3 Oklahoma vs. 14 Georgia St. – Columbus

6 Butler vs. 11 Texas/Colorado St.

7 San Diego St. vs. 10 LSU

2 Arizona vs. 15 Hawaii – Portland


1 Villanova vs. 16 Lafayette – Pittsburgh

8 Iowa vs. 9 NC State

5 W. Virginia vs. 12 Wofford

4 No. Iowa vs. 13 Yale – Jacksonville

3 Iowa State vs. 14 Belmont – Columbus

6 Oregon vs. 11 Ole Miss/Miami

7 Michigan St. vs. 10 Georgia

2 Virginia vs. 15 Coastal Carolina – Charlotte


1 Duke vs. 16 Manhattan/Robert Morris – Charlotte

8 Davidson vs. 9 Purdue

5 Wichita St. vs. 12 S.F. Austin

4 Arkansas vs. 13 N. Dakota St. – Seattle

3 Maryland vs. 14 Albany – Pittsburgh

6 Louisville vs. 11 BYU

7 Xavier vs. 10 VCU

2 Kansas vs. 15 Middle Tenn. St. – Omaha


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