First Try at a Second Impression

Welcome (back?) to the new and improved NH Brackets, now rechristened as Head vs. Gut.  I know all 8 of you are stunned about the abrupt change to the look and name of this longtime repository of…mostly Nate’s fevered ramblings about NCAA Tournament seedings and digs at Joe Lunardi.

Now, we’re trying something different.  Nate and I spend a ton of our free time between November and April debating college basketball officiating, commentary, whether t-shirts worn under jerseys are acceptable, and occasionally actual basketball performance; so we thought we might as well bring the rest of the Internet in on the conversation.  Or at least that small part of it that’s paying attention to what we say.

Our plan for this website is pretty simple: 1/3 ranting, 1/3 comedy and 1/3 insight.  We’ll be offering recaps and previews of Dayton and Notre Dame basketball games, rants about (mostly) things in college basketball that have gotten under our skin, picks for the weekend’s games, and assorted nonsense.  From time to time we’ll dip our toes into other sports, but rest assured that the overwhelming majority of the content on this site will be related to college basketball.

Since this is our first try at doing this, we would also ask that you suggest things you’d like to see or questions you’d like us to answer.  This will be a work in progress for as long as we run it and our goal is to make this an entertaining and, hopefully, interactive environment to talk about college hoops.  Should be a fun ride.


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