Don’t Fill Up on Bread: Thanksgiving Appetizers

We’ll be doing this every weekend.  Looking at matchups that we think are interesting and making pretty terrible picks.  Still – last week we did beat the number and Nate earned a beer.  Good for him.  This week we’re looking at an interesting variety of games including one of the strangest examples of scheduling that I’ve seen in recent years.  Here we go!


Nate: 3-2

Nate’s Beers: Beer

Mike: 3-2

Mike’s Beers: ………..damnit


ODU (3-0) v. #21 Purdue (3-0)

A.J. Hammons

I don’t know why you were suspended either, but it seems like it was dumb.

Line: Purdue -7.5

Reason to Watch: Purdue gave Incarnate Word a beating? Why the hell was Purdue playing Incarnate Word in the first place? The real reason to watch is for the triumphant return of A.J. Hammons from his suspension for…we’re not really sure. Purdue probably has the most imposing frontline in the country and it will be interesting to see how that stacks up against a seasoned and skilled ODU team. Both of these teams will be in the NCAA tournament so it’s a good early season matchup.


Nate – Monarchs +7.5.  The game is inside a casino in Connecticut and early in the day, which means an incredibly sleepy environment.  These situations tend to favor the mid-major.  Plus, I don’t like Purdue.

Mike – Some of my first college basketball memories are of me cheering on the Boilers at home and at Mackey Arena. Outside of Dayton basketball there is no team I want to succeed more. Give me ODU +7.5.

Bill & Mary (3-0) at Dayton (2-0)

Admiral Akbar

Line: Dayton -10.5

Reason to Watch: Lots. BM (their new name…for today) has the most impressive win between these two teams with their convincing 85-68 win at NCST. Dayton humiliated Alabama last time out. BM has a lot to gain by breaking UD’s 24 game home winning streak. UD has a huge trap game before they head to Orlando for the Advocare Invitational to beat…er…play Iowa and then some lousy team from northern Indiana.


Nate – Bill & Mary +10.5.  Sorry Mike, this is just too many points to pass up.

Mike – I chickened out last time against a big number. This time I’m going to…chicken out again. Hard pass. UD will win this one but I think it’ll be a struggle. Nate’s pick is the right one.

#1 UNC (3-0) at UNI (1-1)

Line: UNC -6.5

Reason to Watch: Number 1 team in the country playing a team everyone thought would be a good mid-major? Yes please! More importantly, why the hell is this game even happening? Can the people who scheduled this game for UNI call UD’s athletic department and get them to convince a team like UNC to play a home game? I’m sure somewhere in here there’s a couple of reasons to watch.


Nate – UNI lost at home to Colorado St.  Colorado St. is not nearly as good as UNC.  This seems like a sucker’s bet, but give me the Heels -6.5.

Mike – Give me UNC -6.5 all day. If you switched this spread with the UD-BM spread it would make a lot more sense.

St. Joe’s (2-0) v. Florida (3-0)


Run into a window and die you miserable piece of shit.

Line: Florida -6

Reason to Watch: I’ll tell you what isn’t a reason to watch: that awful, stupid, constantly flapping jackass of a mascot St. Joe’s has. Fuck that guy. I don’t know anything about Florida but I do know about one of the best and most fun players in the country: DeAndre Bembry. Watch and enjoy. He’s more than just a fantastic hairstyle.


Nate – I honestly laughed for five minutes at Mike’s commentary, texted him about it, then we simultaneously used the exact six words:  “I hate that thing so much.”  The only thing I know about this game is that Billy Donovan is not coaching Florida anymore.  Plus, these teams don’t interest me one bit.  No play.

Mike – This seems like a well-selected spread. I know more about how the pyramids were built than this game.

Belmont (2-1) at Evansville (2-0)

Line: Evansville -5.5

Reason to Watch: Because you want to follow Nate (@nhansen14) on Twitter while he watches any quality mid-major game. It’s wonderful.


Nate – Belmont +5.5.  This is a sexy mid-major battle, and when two good mid-majors get together it typically goes down to the wire.  Take the points.  (I may have to DVR this one and do a 2 a.m. random live tweet of it, since I will be at the office all day).

Mike – Yes.


Valpo (5-0) at #25 Oregon (2-0)


Valpo’s next game.

Line:   Uh…Oregon -6.5?

Reason to Watch: To hear one of the announcers explain how Valpo has managed to play 5 games already. Oh, and Oregon has become one of the more interesting teams in the country after surprising Baylor.


Nate – Bryce really has the Crusaders living up to their name going from Rhode Island to Oregon.  Valpo’s next game might be in Yemen.  Gut says Oregon here, but I’m staying away.

Mike – I kind of want to see Valpo take on the Yemenis. Gimme Oregon -6.5.

#5 Duke (2-1) v. Georgetown (1-2)


Two out of two blog contributors agree: you’re annoying.

Line: Let’s go with Duke -7.75

Reason to Watch: Duke’s already had the most understandable loss of the season and Georgetown…hasn’t. This is a huge opportunity for the Hoyas to right the ship and deal the Douchebags from Durham another loss.


Nate – I don’t like Grayson Allen, who has that typical Duke douche vibe.  I do like DSR, however.  Hoyas +7.75 (not only is Baniak predicting spreads, but it looks like he went to Belgium for this one).

Mike – That absolutely isn’t the spread, I just made it up. That being said, we might as well bet on these things so I’ll take Duke +7.75 (it makes as much sense as 7.5). BEER BET!!!

#22 Butler (3-0) v. Miami (4-0)

Line: Butler + π

Reason to Watch: These two teams are a ton of fun to watch – I don’t think there’s going to be a more entertaining game this weekend.


Nate – I feel compelled to pick a team simply because of Mike’s creative line, but I’d rather take the over as these two teams are scoring at will.

Mike – Give me Miami – π because why not?


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