Stupidity Reigns Supreme

After a lengthy hiatus, I planned to write a comprehensive update on how the Irish stunk it up in Orlando, and then have reeled off three consecutive wins to right the ship.  Then I looked at the recent polls, as I do every Monday, and noticed the complete nonsense that is today’s Coaches poll.  Let’s discuss some of the absurdities, and then we will get to my favorite topic:  Joe Lunardi.

(The ND post is coming…I swear).

Duke West (Gonzaga) is still ranked #21.


The consensus preseason POY…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Why is this absurd? Well, they’ve lost at home to Arizona and UCLA, and barely beat 3-5 Montana in their last three games.  That alone should disqualify them from the rankings.  But let’s look deeper.  UCLA is 7-3, has beaten Kentucky and now Gonzaga on the road, and yet they are unranked.  Texas A&M has also taken care of Duke West on a neutral floor, has two losses, and is three slots below at #24.  Now the AP writers have them out, but still as the last team out.  I don’t understand it.  They are fraudulent EVERY YEAR, but consistently get undeserved adulation based solely on their name and their Cinderella run in 2000.  Can’t wait for them to play no one for the next three months, get an undeservedly high seed, and get bounced on the first weekend.

Davidson has 13 votes.

Ok, they are 7-1, but they have beaten absolutely no one and lost to North Carolina by 33.  Steph Curry doesn’t play there anymore.  Come on, Coaches.

Butler is #18, Miami is #19.

Last time I checked, Miami beat Butler by double digits on a neutral floor a few weeks back.  They both have one loss.  I know Miami lost to Northeastern, but this is still egregious.

Now to Lunardi


ESPN’s face of the NCAA Tournament.  Really?

The little weasel released his latest S-curve today on Twitter, and my Lord, does he have some ridiculous inclusions in his field.  I refuse to do projections until midway through the conference season, because I think it is pointless to do, but let’s talk about some of Joe’s ratings.

First, Wisconsin is in the field as an #11 seed.  They are 6-5 and got beat by both average Milwaukee teams at home in the last week.  They won at Syracuse, but who cares?  To quote Stephen A, this is “asinine, asiten, asieleven”

Second, pertinent to this blog, ND is #27 and Dayton #28, both 7 seeds.  While in the right neighborhood, ND is not ahead of Dayton right now.  Dayton has beat the two teams ND lost to.  Dayton has a road win at Vandy.  ND’s best win right now is Iowa.  They are close, but again, Joe doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Third, let’s go back to UCLA and Duke West.  The Zags (24) are 7 spots ahead of UCLA (31).  His response in his annoying nasally tone is probably, “well the resume says that Gonzaga has a higher strength of schedule and didn’t lose to Monmouth.”  Nonsense.

Final Thought

Well, that was fun to rant a little bit.  I understand that all polls and rankings in mid-December mean nothing, but the stupidity of coaches and the “Bracketology expert” needs to be called out.




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