#1 Oklahoma vs. #1 Kansas: Relive the Game of the Season as Live Blogged by a Moron

Welcome to our first live blog! It’s not every night you get a monster #1 (AP) vs. #1 (Coaches) matchup. Let’s see how this goes. Everything that follows is my live reaction* to the events of the broadcast as it happened with almost no editing and minimal photo inserts. What could go wrong?

* Except this. Holy hell! I did not expect to pick the best college basketball game of the season for my first live blog. Although I was immediately tempted to edit up this little ditty, I didn’t do it. Hope you enjoy. Let’s go to the action!

First Half

Bryce Johnson certainly dominated the undercard, I’m thrilled that Musburger and Vitale are calling this game.

Thanks to computer trouble and a first 5 minutes with almost no whistles, we’re picking up the Oklahoma-Kansas action at the 15:00 mark of the first half.

13:50 – No, Brent, Maryland @ Wisconsin isn’t a “big” game. Particularly not when you’re calling a 1-2 game.

13:20 – Allen Fieldhouse is high on the college hoops venue bucket list. It might be #1.

12:42 – Honestly, if I were a ref and a guy like Buddy Hield ran around like a crazy person from ref to ref saying there was basket interference I would just call it. I would have been right this time but this is just one of about 12,042 reasons why I shouldn’t be a ref.

12:10 – Ellis hits a long 2 (looked like a 3) for KU and it’s pretty striking how easy it is for KU to get scoring all over the floor. OU needs their big dogs. Makes KU very tough to defend.

11:25 – There’s the Ellis 3. Dude’s on fire!


11:05 – Say Oklahoma loses this game but plays Kansas tough. You know they’ll drop out of the top 5 of both polls which is just dumb. It’s going to happen, though.

9:30 – Definitely wouldn’t have taken Perry Ellis out at this point. He’s unconscious.


8:56 – Two awful offensive possessions later for KU…yeah.

8:48 – Would have really enjoyed the comedic value of Vitale not finishing the sentence about thanking Brent’s wife.

8:36 – 3 straight awful offensive possessions for KU since Ellis left.

8:18 – Terrible foul call leads to a worthy “bullshit” chant from the KU students. Good choice of fouls to protest, students.

7:45 – I like the Sonic guys. There, I said it. Don’t bring any weak tot objections.

7:40 – Cousins for OU has been just awful and ESPN did a nice job finding some clips of him basically just lying to Kruger while Kruger told him to take better shots and stop fouling. He did neither.

6:40 – KU is just abusing OU inside. OU can’t get an offensive rebound or a basket inside unless it’s on a drive by a POY candidate (Hield).

5:32 – OU looking overmatched at this point down 11 after an atrocious unforced turnover led directly to a wide open KU 3 in transition. If OU doesn’t cut this to under 8 by the half I just don’t see how they come back.

4:40 – Buddy Hield is insane. He’s already made three incredible shots. That being said, if OU is going to get this much of its offense from 8.5 degree of difficulty shots, they’re going to lose and lose badly. He has 14 of OU’s 26 points.

4:13 – ESPN insisting on rolling through where a bunch of guys are interviewing for NFL jobs is just embarrassing. It’s amazing they can still provide any audible commentary with the whole network’s lips surgically attached to the NFL’s ass.

3:20 – KU is getting every loose ball in this half. Every tip goes their way. Doesn’t help that OU isn’t anywhere near the offensive glass.

2:21 – Hield with a solid rebound then a 1-on-2 coast to coast finish in traffic. Dude’s just excellent. He’s going to be a fun NBA player to watch, too.

1:31 – I’m already out of good things to say about Hield. He’s carrying OU right now.

1:05 – And suddenly it’s a 2 point game! Here come the Sooners!

:44 – OU lead! WOW!

:04 – Bill Self – that is just not smart. Yeah, it looked like a tie-up instead of a foul. OK…it was a tie-up, but you just can’t freak out like that at the same time your team is blowing a 11 point lead. They’re clearly feeling a little of the pressure so it’s probably not a great idea to mimic the maturity your 18-22 year olds (52 in Ellis’s case) are displaying.


What a half. OU looked overmatched for 17 minutes (outside of Hield – 22 points and 4 boards) then ran off a huge run to give them a 6 point lead at the half.

Second Half

After doing a flurry of dishes at halftime, we’re back for the second half.

17:55 – Woodard has made up for the terrible play of Cousins this game. Great ally-oop to Lattin.

16:52 – There’s a downside to KU’s obvious depth: they don’t have an obvious go-to guy. Or at least they haven’t shown that they have a guy who will go get a bucket when they really needed one at the end of the first half or at the beginning of the second.

16:30 – Holy block! Traylor just erased a runout!

16:06 – Getting chippy! I’m not really sure, though, why anyone would get a technical for some really minor pushing and shoving. In a sport where guys only get 5 fouls there really shouldn’t be double technicals and/or they shouldn’t also count as a personal foul. Too much of an opportunity for dumb over-officiating.

16:06 – Which is, of course, what happened. Dumb over-officiating.

15:05 – Buddy Hield is a lot of things but handsome is not one of them.

14:45 – Tribal Tats with his second dumb player control foul of the half (3rd overall). But please keep telling us how much he likes big games, Dick.


13:50 – Tribal Tats goes out and KU immediately reasserts itself down low.

13:06 – It’s OK Brent. You don’t have to qualify it. Ben Simmons is not “maybe the best freshman” in the country. He might be the “best player in the country.” Thank you, Dick Vitale, for saying that out loud while I was typing it.

13:05 – Never thought I’d thank Dick Vitale for something.

12:10 – What a finish in transition by Selden! Draws KU back to within 5 and the crowd is very much back in the game.

12:10 – What a horrible turnover by Hield!

12:08 – It’s only a matter of time before Musburger starts talking about the point spread. He’s already into football.

11:42 – As a reward for tenacious on-ball defense on Hield, Mason gets…a Hield three ball drained on him. Still good defense.

11:01 – The guy hawking a freemium game was the Governor of California. I just…

Simpsons Schwarzenegger

A harrowing vision of an alternate present.

10:44 – Are there really that many people watching this great college game who give even a single shit that the Indianapolis Colts signed Chuck Pagano to an extension? Do we need a “BREAKING UPDATE” every 30 seconds? Jesus Tapdancing Christ! Enough already.

9:30 – Good to see Tribal Tats back in the game.

7:54 – Remember when I said I didn’t think OU could come back a while ago? At least they did what I asked and cut the lead under (way under) 8 by the half. Now I’m wondering if KU can find enough offense.

Yar Dont Know

6:08 – One and a half minutes later, it’s down to a 2 point deficit for KU.

Yar Dont Know

5:44 – Tie game on a crazy jumping pass/oop thing from Mason to Selden.

5:26 – I’d strongly consider taking the points being given to whoever gets the winner of this game. There’s going to be one hell of a letdown.

4:52 – Wait, the Colts re-signed Pagano?!?!?!?!

4:13 – OU with the ball up 4. Big offensive possession.

4:10 – OU turnover.

3:34 – OU turnover again! KU drives in for an and-1. FT for a KU lead on the other end of the under 4 timeout. This game has surpassed the hype.

3:00 – Cousins continues to just kill OU’s offensive with bad shot after bad shot. It’s like he’s trying to see if he can out-bad himself.

2:33 – Now Bill Self is yelling at the clock operator. Keep it together, buddy. You’re at home.

1:51 – What a block by Lattin!

1:35 – Leads directly to a huge 3 by Woodard to give OU a 2 point lead! The guy’s the anti-Cousins.

1:20 – Rip van Ellis ties it on an excellent second effort putback.


:38 – KU back up 2 because guys who aren’t Hield keep jacking dumb shots.

:25 – There we go. Hield finally got the ball…and he’s getting to the line. Although that was another cheap call.

:18 – Tie game. KU holding for last shot.

:2 – Get a tech here Bill…come on. Do it…

:2 – That being said, I’m not thrilled with that over the back call. Only a “showtime” ref would pull the trigger on that one. Just swallow the whistle and give us more basketball.

:2 – The basketball gods smile on us! Bad officiating doesn’t cost us overtime.  Ball don’t lie.

End of Regulation

Great end of regulation performance by the Clothing Magnate. OU’s bizarre Hield-free offense during the last 5 minutes of regulation sure didn’t help the cause, either.

First Overtime

3:25 – I’ve been hard on Self all game but this game has not been consistently officiated at all. That being said, Self needs to chill out or they’re going to ref-show him out of this game before it’s over.

3:05 – I’m no longer sure Hield is human. He’s made some ludicrous shots in this game.


Buddy Christ from Dogma

2:22 – No. Hield didn’t just hit another 3. WHY THE HELL DID THEY NOT GIVE HIM THE BALL DOWN THE STRETCH????


1:13 – Gotta stop with the all caps but this has been insane.

:48 – Buddy’s human after all. Just tossed that one straight out of bounds.

:38 – The Senators apparently beat the Blues. In St. Louis. Looks like the Blues are in postseason form.

:38 – Come on. Tribal Tats has frosted tips, too? 1998 called. It wants its look back.

:16 – Hield again doesn’t even get a touch in a key offensive possession. He’s going to feel like he’s died and gone to heaven in the NBA.

:16 – [Text from Nate to me] WHAT IS OKLAHOMA DOING?

:16 – I don’t know.   I truly don’t. Maybe Cousins is a KU mole?

:3 – Ellis – You just have to do better than that for a potential game winner. What a pathetic shot.


End of First Overtime

Seems to me that OU should probably make sure Hield gets a touch on every damn half court possession. KU should probably continue to try to run a little more since at this point if their depth isn’t wearing down OU it never will.

Second Overtime

4:47 – Hield for 3!!!!!

4:25 – Guy whose name I missed for KU for 3!!!

4:02 – Woodard for 3 for OU!

4:00 – Passed out.

3:00 – Woke up to OU still…STILL…not setting more than one screen to free Hield. I just don’t get this. I’ve seen pickup teams with more situational awareness.

2:34 – OU shouldn’t be allowed to have 2 guys who shoot 90% from the line. Spread the love, guys.

2:34 – I’m mainly out of thoughts. Game tied. Double OT.

1:02 – OU ran a half-court set with Hield stationed in the corner as a decoy. It resulted in a shot clock violation. How predictable was that?

:15 – Another OU half-court set with Hield in the corner, another possession where the ball never hits the rim. Unless he’s hurt or something this is just inexplicable.

End of Second Overtime

This is the period where KU takes over. To this point, though, what a game this has been!

Third Overtime

5:00 – Hield has played 49/50 minutes. Could be he’s just exhausted and needs some help. Don’t think that’s coming, though.

4:29 – This Selden Jr. kid has some pretty serious game.

4:08 – OK, scratch that Hield tired theory. Jesus.

3:28 – That might have been the first “Lon puts Buddy in the corner” basket OU has scored. Tied the game.

3:04 – Hield stops by the ESPN broadcast booth to tell the guys how tired he is. Hield tired theory back on!

2:22 – Hield hits a 3 off of a hustle scramble! Hield tired theory put to death. OU back within 1.

1:12 – After a great layup by Selden Jr. to put KU up by 1 unsung hero Woodard (6-9 from 3) buries one to give OU a 2 point lead. Dude’s been the only non-Hield participant in a game where Tribal Tats was a total no-show and Cousins actively hurt the team most of the time he was out there.

:21 – Rare miscue from Hield who turns the ball over after putting a series of moves (hat tip Marv Albert) on Mason.

:15 – Double whammy – the TO leads to 2 made FTs and the lead for KU.

:12 – During this timeout with his team down 1 Lon Kruger will draw up the defining play of his career. He’ll have Hield inbound the ball to Tribal Tats who will try a dribble handoff with Cousins but will blow the play by commiting the swinging gate illegal screen. The whole time Lon will instruct Hield to remain either out of bounds or buried in the corner.

Bold Strategy Cotton

:12 – Well that was a giant letdown. We’ll never get to see the rest of Lon’s brilliant play because Hield had the ball picked off after trying to get it to Cousins. I’ll forever believe the play I just described is what Lon drew up.

:08 – Musburger gambling reference! I was getting nervous.

:08 – OU down 3. Let’s talk about fouling for the whole timeout! But seriously – you foul here.

:00 – Or not. That was ballsy and it paid off. Very nearly a foul as the shooter was going up for a 3. What a game! I’m going to bed.



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