Dayton vs. Davidson: The Revenge of Scoochie

Scoochie Smith

Sometimes the bell rings and people don’t answer. Scoochie answered on Tuesday.  Huge performance.

I watched the UD-Davidson game a day late and had some thoughts. They’re below. Good news – UD wins this one. Bad news – I’m a pretty critical observer.


  • Scooch came to play today. If he played like this last game against La Salle they would have won by 25. They didn’t. Keep it going, Scooch, when Cooke comes back.
  • When the team has trouble inbounding the ball, get a better and bigger passer to inbound the ball. Not Scooch, who is killing it from 3.
  • Jack Gibbs for Davidson is a solid baller.
  • Archie seems to have gotten the memo about Steve McElvene. Dude sucks. Good thing he’s young.
  • “Big” Steve can play every now and again against lousy players but it’s a struggle against real teams.
  • Scoochie might be the best T-shirt player in the country.
  • Adding Pierre really changed this game – he’s a matchup nightmare and hitting some open shots.
  • Ryan Mikesell is a useless player against good teams, but dude looks like a quality bum slayer. Use it.
  • Pollard came back and immediately did everything I love and hate about him. He made some shots in traffic (!) and then charged and hacked unnecessarily (!). Such is mango.
  • Huge win for the Flyers. Huge. I’ll have more and many more articulate thoughts about the ESPN2 game against GW on Friday.

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