CBB DFS 1/19 – Prem’s Powerball Pick Six

So earlier today, I was asked to write my first piece for HvG on DFS, and so far not disappointing.  I made some good recommendations, (Edwards, Gray, Plumlee, Roberson) and a disappointing Trent.  I guess I had not realized that he was suspended with limited time of research.  But now I have some more time, so we should get a more thorough list.  I’ve decided that I am going to go the way of like a Powerball drawing, as I won’t have time each night to break down all the games.  So what I will do is pick 5 players(2 trying to be lower than 5k, 2 5k-7k, and 1 7k and above).  I will then pick my Powerball lock which is someone I believe will go for 5x or more.  I will take into consideration tempo boost, off def, and def eff as I make my picks.  So let’s pick those numbers!


First number up……

5 – Reggie Cameron F G’Town (4100) – Cameron has entered the starting lineup a few games ago and has not disappointed.  Some recent games are probably an adjustment to getting use to running with the starters, and I expect him to continue to improve each game.  At 4100, you could do a lot worse.  Facing Xavier on the road is no easy task, but I think I could take a gamble with this number.

24 – Justin Leon F Fla (3800) – This guy has been a plug and play the last several games.  I actually took him at 3k on a Saturday, seeing his uptick in minutes and got the surprise start that day.  He cashed in at around 8 x for the day.   MSU struggles with their interior defense, and Leon is just pesky enough to grab some boards and get some easy underneath buckets.  He can also step out and shoot the three ball.  Leon does like to foul, so temper your expectations if he gets two early.  Even though he had a down game last, I’m picking 24 all the way to the bank.

**** NOTE****  Keep and eye on LJ Rose(HOU) at 3k.  He was supposed to be back a few games ago.  While I don’t think he will start or log heavy minutes if he does play, he is someone to keep an eye on going forward.

14 – Rasheed Brooks G Ole Miss (5300) – Brooks has been real solid lately.  He had a great game in a tempo up game last vs LSU, but what really catches my eye is his 33.5 pts vs a slow playing Georgia team.  Brooks is a stat sheet stuffer, as he does a little bit of everything.  He shoots well from the outside and rebounds pretty well.  At 5300, I see him making 4 x easily.

31 – Thomas Bryant F Ind (6400) – In what should be a high scoring game, I like Bryant vs. absolutely no interior from Illinois.  Bryant’s price has remained consistent the last few games, and although he didn’t have the day most were thinking he’d have vs. Minn, I see a bounce back coming.  I don’t like the fact that Indiana plays everyone and their brother, but I still like Bryant to get an easy double double here.  Lock and load.

12 – Jalen Jones G Texas A&M (7300) – I love Jones in a tempo up game vs. LSU, and anytime you can really get a Forward at the guard spot is a great thing.  The one thing that worries me is that it seems like every time I take Jones he struggles mightily.  On paper, Jones does have a good matchup vs LSU as they don’t really play defense.  Plus Johnny is a terrible coach and wouldn’t know how to stop Jalen if it was planted on his forehead.  I would feel comfortable taking Jalen here.


and the Powerball number is………

23 – Jordan Tolbert F SMU (7600) – I really like Tolbert at home in a higher paced game.  I love a lot of SMU actually, but Tolbert is the one that I would pick over everyone.  Tolbert is pretty much guaranteed a double double, and I love his ability to hit the offensive glass.  HOU does have some good guys underneath, but I think Tolbert will have his way.  People may flock to Moore, as he is 100 cheaper and on the bounce back game, but I’ll spend my extra money on Tolbert.

There are numerous other players I like, but this is my first take short rundown of the games as I will not be able to do this during the day, as I have to teach the youth of America.




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