Weekend Recap: Beware of Clemson?

Let’s try something new here – recapping the biggest takeaways from the weekend’s hoops action.  There were some surprising results this weekend, a terrific ND win, a great Big12 game, and a few other scores of note.

  • The Game of the Weekend between #2 Oklahoma and #11 West Virginia lived up to the hype.  Both of these teams look poised for a deep run not only in the Big12 but into March/April as well.  Soon-to-be #1 Oklahoma doesn’t get much time to celebrate its new top dog status as they travel to #17 Iowa State tonight.  That game is far more important for Iowa State than it is for Oklahoma so it’ll be interesting to see how they play.
  • Clemson continued its improbable run by adding #8 Miami’s head to its wall.  This follows home wins over then-#16 Louisville and then #9 Duke.  3-game conference home stands are a rarity and Clemson’s schedule doesn’t get any easier with a trip to #13 Virginia tomorrow.  It remains to be seen whether this is a fluke hot streak or whether Clemson is a legitimate ACC contender.
Thad Matta

I’m confused, too, Thad.

  • The fact that #3 Maryland wailed on Ohio State isn’t surprising in and of itself.  The bigger story here is how awful Ohio State is.  Given the athletic department budget and recruiting history there is just no reason OSU should look uncompetitive against quality B1G teams.  If Purdue beats OSU by 25 there are going to be some tough questions for Thad Matta to answer.
  • A couple of Sunday games yielded odd results.  Florida State taking down #13 UVA at home isn’t the most surprising score of the weekend, but it was the first time FSU has actually won a game against a high-quality opponent.  They had been very close a couple of earlier times (@Iowa, vs. UNC) and looked the part, but they finally managed to seal the deal.
  • The weirder result was Wisconsin beating a slumping #4 Michigan State team.  Wisconsin isn’t good and MSU seems to be taking an atypical approach to its season.  We’re accustomed to seeing MSU improve steadily until making a Final 4 run.  We’re not accustomed to seeing them peak before January and then struggle in the B1G.
  • Notre Dame went in to Cameron and took down Duke.  Nate already wrote more than enough about it.

Kentucky Auburn Basketball

  • #12 Providence (lost at home to Seton Hall) and #14 Kentucky (lost at Auburn) look like they might be in trouble.  Both have the weapons to be good, if not great, teams, but they’re losing some games to pretty lousy teams.  Right now I’d say they’re both going to be over seeded in March and will be primed for a “shocking” early round exit.  Still, they have a couple of months to right their respective ships.

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