1-68 (January 22 Edition)

1 Seeds

1. Oklahoma (15-2) – They stay at #1 as they lost in two of the toughest places to play in America in extremely competitive games.
2. UNC (17-2) – As predicted, they haven’t lost for a while.
3. Villanova (17-2) – The Cats have won a record 22 straight Big East games.
4. Iowa (15-3) – Class of the Big 14 right now.

2 Seeds

5. Xavier (16-2) – Head scratching loss at home to Georgetown, but I think that was a fluke.
6. Maryland (17-2) – Can’t put them ahead of Xavier right now due to their loss at Michigan. (Xavier won at Michigan…and LeVert played).
7. W. Virginia (15-3) – Just completely laid an egg against Texas.
8. Kansas (15-3) – Losing on the road in the Big 12 will happen…but by 19 at Oklahoma State?

3 Seeds

9. Texas A&M (16-2) – They just keep winning…not underrated any longer.
10. Baylor (15-3) – Currently in first place in the Big 12.  Buddy comes to Waco on Saturday.
11. Arizona (16-3) – Lost Trier, but getting Zeus back has really helped.  Sean Miller is doing one hell of a coaching job.
12. Providence (16-3) – It seems like they should be better than they actually are.

4 Seeds

13. Miami (14-3) – Lost to Clemson.
14. Louisville (15-3) – Also lost to Clemson.
15. Indiana (16-3) – This may be a little high, but they look awesome right now.
16. Iowa State (14-4) – All the losses have come down to the wire, and took down Buddy.

5 Seeds

17. S. Carolina (17-1) – Maybe they aren’t going to be on the bubble…
18. Virginia (14-4) – Losses at VT, GT and FSU now.  That’s not good.
19. Michigan State (16-4) – You lose to Nebraska and you drop…far.
20. Kentucky (14-4) – You lose to Auburn and you drop…far.

6 Seeds

21. Dayton (15-3) – Gave up 61 second half points to the Bonnies, but hung on for a good road W.
22. Oregon (15-4) – Picked up a nice win over USC after losing at Colorado.
23. USC (15-4) – Andy Enfield seems to be a pretty damn good coach. 
24. Purdue (17-3) – Lack of guard play is going to keep this team from going anywhere.  Still haven’t beaten anyone.

7 Seeds

25. Saint Mary’s (16-2) – Beat Duke West.  Awesome.
26. Pittsburgh (15-3) – Compounded the Louisville disaster by getting blown out at home by NC State (previously winless in the ACC).
27. Notre Dame (13-5) – Movin’ on up.
28. Butler (13-5) – At some point they are going to have to win one of these close games.

8 Seeds

29. Wichita State (13-5, MVC Champ) – FVV and Baker are starting to get the train rolling.
30. Duke (14-5) – Lost 3 in a row, and when IU is your only good win…you fall hard.
31. Michigan (14-5) – When is LeVert coming back?
32. Texas (12-6) – Shaka now has wins over UNC, ISU and at WVU.  Pretty impressive.

9 Seeds

33. G. Washington (15-4) – Picked up a nice win over Rhode Island today.
34. Florida (12-6) – Finney-Smith is a heck of a player.
35. LSU (11-7) – Yeah, I still have them higher than most.  I’m still banking on this team figuring it out now that they are getting used to Victor and Hornsby
36. Valparaiso (16-4, Horizon Champ) – Surprising loss to Wright State drops them a line.

10 Seeds

37. UCLA (12-7) – The Pac 12 is a mess…or is it just really deep?  UCLA epitomizes the conference at this point.  Just got housed at home by USC, then won at Oregon State.
38. Utah (14-5) – Two straight wins to get back to 3-3 in conference.
39. Seton Hall (13-5) – The Big East is a total crapshoot.
40. Monmouth (14-5, MAAC Champ) – The wins are good, but losses to Canisius, Army and Manhattan are not.

11 Seeds

41. Texas Tech (12-5) – Big chance this weekend against WVU.
42. Cal (13-6) – Wallace is out for a few weeks, which certainly could hurt them.
43. Evansville (17-3) – At this point, most of the alternatives are just bad or haven’t proven themselves.  Mockevicius and Ballentine can play.  They are going to need a W over Wichita.
44. Clemson (12-7) – Going to need a road win at some point.

12 Seeds

45. Washington (13-5) – Atop the Pac 12, and have solid wins over Texas, UCLA, USC, and Colorado.
46. Syracuse (13-7) – Tyler Roberson was unbelievable in the win against Duke.
47. Connecticut (13-5) – This spot goes to Georgetown if they complete an impressive road sweep.
48. VCU (14-5) – 9 game winning streak sneaks them into the field, but the best win is at St. Joe’s.
49. UAB (16-3, Conf USA Champ) – I still think Louisiana Tech may end up winning this conference, but UAB is off to a hot start.
50. Chattanooga (17-3, Southern Champ) – 15-3 and have beaten Dayton, Georgia and Illinois. Cinderella candidate.

13 Seeds

51. UT-Arlington (14-3, Sun Belt Champ) – The Sun Belt got interesting as UALR lost to Arkansas State, and UT-Arlington lost to S. Alabama. Georgia State is also only 5-3 in conference.
52. San Diego St. (13-6, MWC Champ) – Amazingly, the MWC looks like a one bid league this year, unless something drastic happens.
53. Hawaii (15-2, Big West Champ) – Will battle with the Anteaters for the auto bid.
54. Stony Brook (15-4, America East Champ) – Jameel Warney. Beast.

14 Seeds

55. Bill & Mary (13-5, CAA Champ) – Some solid teams in the CAA, and that conference tourney is always fun to watch.  Almost knocked off the Flyers.
56. Akron (14-4, MAC Champ) – This conference has been a crapshoot for years.
57. South Dakota State (Summit Champ) – This conference has turned into the battle of the Dakotas lately.
58. Belmont (14-6, OVC Champ) – Looks like Steve Prohm got out at the right time as Murray St. is 7-7.

15 Seeds

59. Yale (11-5, Ivy Champ) – Probably the class of the conference, but don’t count Harvard out.
60. High Point (13-6, Big South Champ) – John Brown. Also a beast.
61. Grand Canyon (17-2, WAC Champ) – Wins over SDSU and Houston aren’t horrible.  If they don’t play in a stadium inside the actual Grand Canyon, then they shouldn’t be eligible for the tournament.
62. N. Florida (Atlantic Sun Champ) – Florida Gulf Coast is also undefeated in the Atlantic Sun.

16 Seeds

63. Stephen F. Austin (Southland Champ) – Stone Cold struggling out of the gate.
64. Navy (Patriot Champ) – 1/23…Army/Navy. Fun.
65. Weber State (Big Sky Champ) – This conference is terrible.
66. Hampton (MEAC Champ) – Still love the coach getting carried off by his player after the upset of Marcus Fizer and Iowa State.
67. Wagner (NEC Champ) – Like the SWAC, no one in the conference has a Top 100 RPI win.
68. Southern (SWAC Champ) – I guess?


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