College hoops is simply nuts right now.  Let’s look at some of the week’s strange results:

Syracuse wins at Duke – Well, this isn’t that crazy because Duke sucks…insert thumbs up emoji.  How about this dunk?

Texas wins at 6 West Virginia – WVU completely crapped the bed after playing KU and OU, missing a ton of FTs and failing to score 50.

Nebraska wins at 11 Michigan State – Before the game if someone asked what is more likely, Huskers win or I fit in a size large polo, I may have picked fat guy in a little polo.

Oklahoma St beats 3 Kansas by 19 – I just don’t know what to say about this one.

Georgetown wins at 5 Xavier – JT3 rises up!

Purdue wins at Rutgers by 50 – First, I never thought Purdue could come close to scoring 107.  Second, Rutgers is bad…really bad.

NC State wins by 17 at Pitt – Not only did they dominate Pitt for their first ACC win (1-5), they were up by 24 at half.  After Pitt was unconscious against the porous ND defense, they simply haven’t been able to put the ball in the basket the last two games.

St. Mary’s beats Duke West – HAHAHAHAHA. This one isn’t strange, but I just wanted to point out the 6 points and 2 rebounds for the consensus and fraudulent Preseason POY.  Check the 1-68…you won’t see these bums in there.

On to the picks…


Mike: 26-28 (10-9 A10)

Beers:  Beer x 6

Nate: 20-19-1

Beers: Beer x 6 (Thanks, Irish!)

Saturday (all times Central)

1 Oklahoma at 13 Baylor, 11 am, ESPN

Line: OU -1.5

Reason to Watch:  Buddy. Freaking. Hield.  See the ESPN article below…pretty good read.


Mike: Buddy is worth -1.5 easy. This is the best Oklahoma team since they lost to the Hoosiers in 2002. Again, go Buddy

Nate:  Boomer -1.5.  No way Buddy loses two in a row.

24 S. Carolina at Tennessee, 11 am, SECN

Line: S. Carolina -1

Reason to Watch:  S. Carolina survived a trip to Ole Miss, largely in part to Stefan Moody’s injury at the end of the game that caused him to miss OT.  Can they survive another gunner in Kevin Punter?


Mike: Gut says Volunteers but no way I’m betting on that weird ass line.

Nate:  I hope Frank Martin doesn’t read the blog, because I may have a hit out on me after this pick.  Give me the Vols +1.

Georgetown at Connecticut, 11 am, CBS

Line: UConn -4

Reason to Watch:  Two underachieving teams that might be starting to right the ship.  The Hoyas got an impressive win at Xavier, and Smith-Rivera has started to play some excellent basketball.  UConn is still wondering where Daniel Hamilton has gone.  No longer in the Big East, it’s a rare and cool January non-conference matchup.


Mike: G’town +4 is a lock. G’Town almost beat ‘Nova and this is a gimme against a much much worse team.

Nate: I really have no idea how this one is going to play out.  It depends on Daniel Hamilton.  You would figure he has to get going sometime, right?

6 WVU at Texas Tech, Noon, ESPN News

Line: WVU -4

Reason to Watch:  To erase that ‘Eers performance from your mind from earlier in the week against Texas.  That was as ugly as it gets.


Mike:  Both sides of this look good, no way to pick against Tubby’s best chance at a great win at home. Think WVU covers but wouldn’t be surprised if TT wins. Terrible road trip for WVU.

Nate:  WVU is the better team, and you would think they would show up for this one after that complete disaster the other night.  This is a tough trip though, so I’m going to pass. The schedule didn’t do them any favors…at OU, back home for Texas, then travel to Lubbock.

Texas at 3 Kansas, 1 pm, ESPN


This guy is going to have a very good team…very soon.

Line: KU -11.5

Reason to Watch:  See the above write up re: WVU, and apply to Kansas.  Double “action/reaction” game as Texas just won at WVU, and KU was blown out by Oklahoma State.  Can Shaka put two consecutive top 10 road wins together to become a huge factor in the Big 12?


Mike:  Self wins this one. Shaka wins the next few. The best coach in the conference will show up.

Nate:  I hate doing this because I am not a fan of the Jayhawks, but this one has blowout written all over it.  KU -11.5

Seton Hall at 5 Xavier, 1 pm, FSN

Line: Xavier -8.5

Reason to Watch:  Should be a fun, uptempo game with some solid guard play.  Now, watch it be a whistle fest that someone wins 58-57.


Mike:  Xavier covers. I have nothing else to say because I don’t want to say anything good.

Nate:  Can I bet on this game coming down to the last possession to determine the cover?  Xavier wins by 8 or 10, depending on the last possession.

Navy vs. Army (at Madison Square Garden), 1 pm, CBSSN

Line: Army -4

Reason to Watch:  Pretty cool that they are playing this at MSG, and both these teams are actually decent.  Navy is 15-5, and Army beat Monmouth in December.  Plus, ‘Merica.


Mike: I’m not picking this game because there is no reason to predict a game against two lousy basketball teams.

Nate:  You elitist.  Navy 6-1 in the conference, Army is 3-4, and Army is favored on a neutral floor by 4?  Vegas knows something. Cadets -4.

Duke at N.C. State, 2 p.m., CBS


These two could be a handful for Dook.

Line: Duke -4.5

Reason to Watch:  To see if Duke can actually slow down a power forward, as Blossomgame, Bonz and Tyler Roberson have just dominated them the last three games.  Abdul-Malik Abu is a pretty darn good 4, and could have 20/15 if Duke’s soft play continues.


Mike:  Duke -4.5 because NC St. is atrocious. This will help ND’s strength of schedule.

Nate:  I just can’t pick Duke.  Can’t do it.  Though I don’t think they are going to lose four in a row.

7 Maryland at 11 Michigan State, 5:30 pm, ESPN

Line: MSU -3.5

Reason to Watch:  I’d like to know when Sparty has lost three straight home games, as that is what they are staring straight in the face as the Terps come to town.  Which loss was more surprising, the blowout loss to Iowa, or falling flat on their face against Nebraska?  They seem to always lose to a bottom-feeder in January at home, and then come out swinging against a solid team.


Mike:  Maryland +3.5 is the most comfortable bet I’ve ever made. If I’m wrong my whole life has been a waste. College basketball wise.

Nate:  Give me that beer, Michael.  Denzel returns to early season form and Sparty gets a much needed win.  Sparty -3.5.

12 Arizona at California, 7:30 pm, ESPN

Line: Arizona -3

Reason to Watch:  Grab a cocktail, and play some Bill Walton bingo.

bill walton



Mike:  Arizona -3. Miller brothers unite!  Actually I feel terrible about this pick.

Nate:  Sean Miller can really coach and having this squad where he does solidifies his spot as the top coach in the family.  (See what I am trying to do here).  This seems like a spot where they slip up though, but I’m just going to enjoy Walton.


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