“Not So Live” Blog – Canes 79 Irish 70

Because we don’t have the “Cover It Live” capabilities yet here at Head vs. Gut, you guys get my immediate thoughts as the game is occurring…just a few hours later.  I haven’t tried this in a couple of years, since I provided Mike with detailed ramblings of almost every Hawks game while he was traveling the world with his lovely wife.  I try to insert humor and analysis to balance my incoherent rants, but it isn’t always successful.

The Irish are coming off a slaughter of Danny Manning’s Demon Deacons, with the main story being A.J. (formerly Austin) Burgett not only getting the start after playing eight minutes in the first eight ACC games, but also the fact that he scored a career-high 14 points (including four triples).  The Irish are sitting at 6-3 in the ACC, exactly where I said they needed to be.  To quote Brey, “the back nine” is much more difficult with five of the next seven on the road, with UNC and Louisville home games mixed in.  4-3 in that stretch would be fantastic.

Miami is very good and very experienced, and the Irish are going to need 20 from Bonz tonight to get this one done.  HERE. WE. GO.

Beer of Choice:  Laguintas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin

Prediction:  ND 81 Miami 76 (I changed my mind, Kev)

1st Half

*Jeff Van Gundy and Dick Vitale on the call…oh great, a battle of who can yell louder with more preposterous statements.  Good luck, Dan Shulman.

*Auguste with a foul on the first defensive possession…at least it wasn’t an uncontested bucket.

*Second defensive possession, Auguste is late to fill the lane to stop Rodriguez from getting an easy layup.  Jinxed that one.

*Third defensive possession, Auguste is late on a pick and roll allowing a lob to Jekiri (good help by Burgett to foul and stop the easy dunk).

*Fourth defensive possession, Auguste allows an offensive rebound to Jekiri and then a bucket.  Miami 6-0.

*Burgett hits another three to get the Irish on the board.  Pretty sure he didn’t hit five all last year.  This is pretty incredible.  Must have been the name change.

*Auguste to the bench at 16:17 (-3…keeping track of his +/-).  Bonz in.

*Instant offense from Bonz, but then he gets into the act of failing to play defense allowing an easy bucket plus the foul.  Miami 10-5 at the under 16.

*Couple nice dishes (by Burgett and DJ) for easy buckets cuts the lead to 11-9.  Demetrius then is shot out of a cannon on a steal, gets the layup blocked, then dishes to Vasturia to tie it up.

*Three straight assists for DJ and Bonz with 6 quick points.  I like where this is going.

*Auguste back in (for Burgett) at 13-13.  Irish +3 with him on the bench.

*DJ with another great drive and dish to Bonz.  That hamstring seems to be 100%.

*Auguste goes to his spinning, left-handed move that goes in 10% of the time.  Misses.  Then picks up his second trying to get the rebound and will go to the bench at the under 12.  Miami 18-17.  Auguste -4.

*Miami driving and scoring at will.  Brey takes a timeout as the Canes extend the lead to five.  Out of the timeout, Bonz with a pretty move to get into double digits (5-5 shooting).  The man is simply a stud.

*Burgett also picks up his second after fouling a 3-pt attempt.  Brey goes to Colson at the 5.  Remember, he’s 6-5.  Brey smartly goes to zone.  Miami 24-21 at the under 8.

*Vasturia ties it up on a transition three…assisted by guess who.  Miami answers with a triple.  Damn it.

*Wow. Demetrius with a fantastic move to the tin, and puts it in over Jekiri.  Dickie V comments that he is a 1st rounder…thanks Captain Obvious.  Then McClellan hits a bomb.  They are on fire.  Canes up 32-26 at the under 4 TO.

*Basketball is DEFINITELY much harder to live blog than hockey.  Less time to insert pictures and make dumb jokes (especially when I started the game late and am able to zip through commercials).

*Beachem struggling tonight to find his shot.  Keep shooting it, V.J.  This is not sarcasm.

*Miami takes a 10 point lead as ND continues to not play defense.  Time for another beer.

*Brey either fell asleep on the beach, or he is really pissed after Davon Reed hits a running 15-foot jumper to get the lead back to 43-33.  Bonz misses a rebound dunk, then gets called for a foul on the other end.  Brey is not pleased and very red…I mean, Brian Kelly red.

*Miami 45-33 at the half on 63% shooting.  There’s your 222nd ranked defense, folks.

2nd Half

*Bonz, after 13 in the 1st half, starts the 2nd half instead of Burgett.  Immediately gets rejected.  Then Jekiri scores over Auguste.  Well, Kev, maybe I shouldn’t have changed my prediction.

*After Bonz gets rejected a second time, he goes to the bench after two minutes.  Probably the right move.

*Then Auguste pushes off to pick up #3 at 17:25.  Stupid foul.  Brey leaves him in.  I don’t think he has scored.  Next possession, he finally scores on an uncontested putback.

*Auguste misses a wild shot, and Burgett with the follow slam!  Irish cut the lead to 53-41.

*Anthony Lawrence then hits ANOTHER 3.  He has 16 points, and I am pretty sure he didn’t play a couple games ago…figures.  56-41 Canes with 14 to go.  This sucks.

*The Irish couldn’t hit a shot if five of the Republican presidential candidates were guarding them.  Miami 60-43 at the under 17.

*DJ bucket, then a rare stop, and then Auguste turns it over.  Son of a..

*”No resistance right now at the rim” – Van Gundy after Auguste allows another guy to score with ease at the rim.

*Irish with a terrible possession and a shot clock violation after Auguste misses the rim from two feet.  Then Colson and Jekiri get tied up going after the rebound, and Jekiri starts flipping out for no reason.  DOUBLE TECHNICAL?  WHAT?  Bonz did absolutely nothing.

*Vasturia misses a layup, Auguste gets the rebound and misses a wide open layup, then Miami hits a three to go up 20.  Well, this one is over.

*At least the Irish and UNC will both be coming off a loss when they play Saturday night.  Trying to come up with positives from this one, but it’s hard.  Everyone is missing shots.  No one is playing defense.

*Beachem finally hits a three to cut the lead to 15 with 7 to go.  Uncharacteristic 1-6 from deep for Beach.

*Tailgate menu for Saturday:  Green Chile Cheeseburgers, Chili and Baked Mac and Cheese.

*Brey clears the bench at 4:38 after Auguste makes a bucket and gets fouled.  Of course, he misses the FT.  Torres gets the rebound, misses a wide open layup, gets it back, dribbles for no reason, and then gets stuffed.  WHY DO THE ND BIGS (other than Bonz) ALWAYS DRIBBLE FOR NO REASON UNDER THE BASKET?  The only time to dribble is when there is a purpose…such as getting to the other side of the basket to get away from the shot blocker.  I really don’t get it.

*The Big Show is at the game.  That’s a huge dude.

*Irish cut the lead to 12 with 3:30 to go after a Beach three.  Lineup:  Pflueger, Beachem, Farrell, Torres, Auguste.

*Auguste cleaning up with garbage points in the last five minutes to make his stats look respectable.

*Miami wins 79-70 after the Irish scrubs end the game on a 6-0 run.


That was a pretty poor effort by the Irish.  When you can’t make shots and play terrible defense against a team as good as Miami, you’re going to get run off the floor.  Let’s look at the numbers.

*6 points from Demetrius Jackson will never result in a win on the road against a ranked team.  Had a great stretch midway through the 1st half, but could not get anything going in the 2nd half.  3-11 from the field, 0-4 from deep.

*Irish were 4-16 from deep…in order to beat Carolina on Saturday, they are going to have to hit about 10.

*Bonz led the Irish with 17, but had only 4 in the 2nd half.  Beach had 14, even with his shooting difficulties.  Auguste finished with 12/9, but again, eight of those points happened when the game already had been decided.

On to UNC on Saturday, and the Irish are going to need to get that one for their confidence going forward.  Full coverage here, as I will write a preview Friday night and Mike will recap the game as part of our own little crossover coverage, especially since the booze will be flowing at my first ever hoops tailgate.  Disappointing result tonight, but coming into the week, all I wanted was a split.  Hope the guys can take care of business Saturday, because it is going to be a HUGE challenge.


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