Bracket Projection – February 23

More analysis coming up this weekend, but here’s the latest bracket along with two things I absolutely do not understand.

My weekly rant on Duke West

Lunardi still has Duke West (Gonzaga) in the tournament.  They have wins over UConn and Washington…that’s it.  They’ve lost at home to Arizona, UCLA, St. Mary’s and BYU.  Kyle Wiltjer is the most fraudulent preseason All-American of all time.  I get that the bottom of the bracket is incredibly thin, but keeping Duke West in the field is just plain wrong.

I agree, Seth.  Let’s do a little comparison to prove my point:

Duke West:  21-7, RPI (68), SOS (121), Top 50 (1-3), Top 100 (2-7), Top 150 wins (5)
Team B: 18-10, RPI (74), SOS (68), Top 50 (1-7), Top 100 (2-7), Top 150 wins (8)

Team B…Ohio State.  Pretty similar resumes, don’t you think?  Come on, Joe.  Even you are better than this.

UConn is also getting the benefit of name recognition

I’m not so sure why UConn is safely in on the majority of the brackets on the Matrix.  They have a very good win at Texas, a neutral court win over Michigan, and then beat SMU and Tulsa at home.  Yes, they don’t technically have a bad loss, but shouldn’t they be required to do better against the other bubble teams in their conference?  UConn has been swept by both Temple and Cincinnati, and split with Tulsa.  1-5 against the other three potential tournament teams from your conference should definitely put UConn on the verge of missing the tournament, which is why they are in my Last Four In.

Last Four In:  UConn, Oregon St., Butler, Temple

Outside Looking In:   Tulsa, Washington, St. Bonaventure, LSU, Vanderbilt, Clemson, UCLA, G. Washington, Ohio State


1 Kansas vs. 16 Wagner/Texas Southern – Brooklyn
8 Wisconsin vs. 9 Wichita St
5 Notre Dame vs. 12 Valparaiso
4 Arizona vs. 13 Chattanooga – Denver
3 Miami vs. 14 UAB – Raleigh
6 Texas vs. 11 UConn/Butler
7 S. Carolina vs. 10 Colorado
2 Michigan St. vs. 15 SF Austin – St. Louis


1 Xavier vs. 16 N. Florida – St. Louis
8 Pittsburgh vs. 9 Alabama
5 Utah vs. 12 UALR
4 W. Virginia vs. 13 Akron – Denver
3 Maryland vs. 14 UNC Wilmington – Providence
6 Dayton vs. 11 St. Mary’s
7 USC vs. 10 Florida
2 UNC vs. 15 Winthrop – Raleigh


1 Villanova vs. 16 Bucknell/Hampton – Brooklyn
8 Texas Tech vs. 9 Syracuse
5 Baylor vs. 12 San Diego St
4 Indiana vs. 13 Hawaii – Spokane
3 Kentucky vs. 14 Yale – Providence
6 Purdue vs. 11 Monmouth
7 California vs. 10 VCU
2 Virginia vs. 15 Belmont – Brooklyn


1 Oklahoma vs. 16 Weber St – Oklahoma City
8 Seton Hall vs. 9 St. Joseph’s
5 Iowa State vs. 12 Oregon St./Temple
4 Duke vs. 13 Stony Brook – Oklahoma City
3 Oregon vs. 14 So Dakota St – Spokane
6 Texas A&M vs. 11 Michigan
7 Providence vs. 10 Cincinnati
2 Iowa vs. 15 New Mexico St – Des Moines



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