Bracket Projection – February 27

Some big bubble games today:  

*VCU at GW (loser probably will need to win the A10 tournament)
*Florida at LSU (Florida would fall out with a loss…LSU would get back in the picture with a W)
*Duke West at BYU (A win for either team still doesn’t get them in the field…but closer…a loss eliminates either from at-large contention)
*Butler at G’Town (Necessary for Butler)
*UK at Vandy (Vandy solidly in with a win)

Battle for the 1 seeds

Looks like Kansas has a #1 pretty much locked up, but that’s it.  Right now, the four best teams include two Big 12 teams and two Big East teams.  This won’t last.

There are 7 teams in the running:  KU, Xavier, OU, Nova, Michigan St, UNC and Virginia.  Certainly, the conference tournaments will play a huge role in sorting this out.  Gun to my head, come March 13, I’m going with KU, Xavier, Michigan St, Virginia as the 1 seeds.

Last Four In:  Tulsa, Vanderbilt, Florida, Butler
Outside Looking In:  St. Bonaventure, Temple, GW, VCU, Washington, UCLA, (Spot reserved for Duke West/BYU winner)

Here’s how the bracket stands before Saturday’s slate:

1 Kansas (#1 overall) vs 16 Wagner/Texas Southern – Des Moines
8 Seton Hall vs 9 Cincinnati
5 Arizona vs 12 Valparaiso
4 Duke vs 13 Chattanooga – Denver
3 WVU vs 14 Yale – Providence
6 Texas A&M vs 11 Oregon St
7 Dayton vs 10 UConn
2 Michigan St vs 15 New Mexico St – St. Louis

1 Villanova (#4 overall) vs 16 N. Florida – Brooklyn
8 Syracuse vs 9 St. Joseph’s
5 Iowa State vs 12 St. Mary’s
4 Utah vs 13 Hawaii – Spokane
3 Maryland vs 14 Hofstra – Providence
6 Texas vs 11 Monmouth
7 S. Carolina vs 10 Michigan
2 Virginia vs 15 Belmont – Brooklyn

1 Xavier (#2 overall) vs 16 Bucknell/Hampton – St. Louis
8 Pittsburgh vs. 9 USC
5 Baylor vs 12 Florida/Butler
4 Iowa vs 13 S. Dakota St – Oklahoma City
3 Kentucky vs 14 UAB – Des Moines
6 Purdue vs 11 Tulsa/Vanderbilt
7 California vs 10 Providence
2 UNC vs 15 Winthrop – Raleigh

1 Oklahoma (#3 overall) vs 16 Weber State – Oklahoma City
8 Colorado vs 9 Wichita St
5 Notre Dame vs 12 UALR
4 Indiana vs 13 Stony Brook – Denver
3 Oregon vs 14 SF Austin – Spokane
6 Wisconsin vs 11 San Diego State
7 Texas Tech vs 10 Alabama
2 Miami vs 15 Akron – Raleigh





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