Bracket Projection – March 6

We’ll try to do this every day from now on, even as I will be enjoying what Vegas has to offer at the end of next week and on Selection Sunday.  Let’s get to a couple big results from yesterday.

Is Wichita in trouble?

The weirdest team in the country struck again yesterday as Northern Iowa took down the Shockers.  Wichita’s resume is very soft, but will the Committee take into account that they played the Advocare (which was a very strong tournament) without Fred VanVleet?  They have one Top 50 win, and four Top 100 wins, making it a difficult case for inclusion.  They need to hope that the felonies in the next week are kept to a minimum.

By the way, I like Evansville today in the MVC Championship.  Why?  Because that’s what UNI does.

Blind Resumes

#1 (These two teams are from the same conference)

Team A: 24-7 (13-5), RPI 32, SOS 88, Top 50 (2-4), Top 100 (5-6)
Team B: 22-7 (14-4), RPI 28, SOS 89, Top 50 (3-2), Top 100 (6-5), Beat Team A twice

Pretty easy choice of Team B, right?  Team A is St. Joseph’s and Team B is St. Bonaventure.  The loss to Duquesne at home by the stupid flapping Hawk yesterday puts them directly on the bubble, as I think the Bonnies have surpassed them.

#2 (Both these teams beat Texas before Shaka got it going)

Team A: 20-10, RPI 53, SOS 47, Top 50 (2-2), Top 100 (6-10), Beat Team B
Team B: 20-11, RPI 67, SOS 65, Top 50 (3-9), Top 100 (3-11)

Both these resumes are pretty awful.  Team A is UConn.  Team B is Michigan.  I think it is pretty clear that Michigan is out now, so why isn’t it as clear about UConn?


Team A: 24-8, RPI 50, SOS 119, Top 50 (1-3), Top 100 (4-7)
Team B: 23-8, RPI 45, SOS 73, Top 50 (1-4), Top 100 (4-7)

These are nearly identical.  Team A is Wichita St.  Team B is San Diego St.  Therefore, any brackets with Wichita in the tournament, should have San Diego St. (if they lose in Vegas) also in the tournament, right?  If the Aztecs lose, this will be a very interesting scenario.


Remember, I have BYU, Iona and Oakland winning their respective conferences, which makes this projection different than most.  Check out the predictions here and here.

1 Kansas vs 16 AUSTIN PEAY/Texas Southern – Des Moines
8 Butler vs 9 Pittsburgh
5 Texas A&M vs 12 Stony Brook
4 Maryland vs 13 YALE – Providence
3 Utah vs 14 Akron – Denver
6 Iowa vs 11 San Diego St
7 Seton Hall vs 10 St. Joseph’s
2 UNC vs 15 Winthrop – Raleigh

1 Xavier vs 16 FGCU – St. Louis
8 Dayton vs 9 USC
5 Baylor vs 12 BYU
4 Duke vs 13 Hofstra – Denver
3 W. Virginia vs 14 Oakland – Brooklyn
6 Purdue vs 11 Wichita St/St. Mary’s
7 Notre Dame vs 10 St. Bonaventure
2 Oregon vs 15 Weber State – Spokane

1 Michigan St vs 16 Hampton/Lehigh – St. Louis
8 Providence vs 9 Syracuse
5 Arizona vs 12 So. Dakota St
4 Texas vs 13 Hawaii – Spokane
3 Miami vs 14 Iona – Providence
6 Wisconsin vs 11 Evansville
7 Colorado vs 10 S. Carolina
2 Oklahoma vs 15 New Mexico St – Oklahoma City

1 Virginia vs 16 Wagner – Raleigh
8 Oregon St vs 9 VCU
5 Iowa State vs 12 UALR
4 Kentucky vs 13 Chattanooga – Oklahoma City
3 Indiana vs 14 SF Austin – Des Moines
6 California vs 11 Monmouth/Vanderbilt
7 Texas Tech vs 10 Cincinnati
2 Villanova vs 15 Louisiana Tech – Brooklyn

Outside Looking In:  Temple, Valparaiso, UConn, Michigan, Tulsa


4 responses to “Bracket Projection – March 6

  1. Dayton an 8th seed? After that fabulous win over VCU? and it’s seeding in the A10 tourney? Two Heads are better than one Dome.


    • Given how the committee has treated UD for the past few years I’m guessing the 8 seed is actually reasonable. They’ll probably deserve a 6 or 7 and get a 10.


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