B1G Boys to Dominate B1G Ten Tournament

The B1G Ten regular season went out with a whimper as Indiana has been planning their title celebration and Yogi Ferrell’s senior night since Tuesday night’s victory in Iowa City.  Some middle seeding changed Sunday night at Purdue but the huge divide between the B1G haves and have-nots will play out in Indianapolis this week.  Wednesday and Thursday risk being completely unwatchable garbage basketball as an undercard to the Friday-Sunday main event for any fan of college basketball.  After the Hoosiers and Spartans, 4 teams tied at 12-6 to round out the top half the bracket and that tiebreaker was decided on a 4th tie breaker – record vs. Ohio State – in favor of the Boilermakers.

All losing teams in Crying Jordan meme below

Game 1: Wednesday, Illinois vs Minnesota

Minnesota just lost by 30 to Rutgers and has fewer scholarship players than an NAIA school.  The rare 3-way sex video suspension has doomed an already short-handed Minnesota team.  Illinois hired Lovie Smith, which I can only assume means clock management will suffer throughout the post-season.  The pick here is Illinois and its not close. Illinois: 79 Minnesota: 57


Game 2: Wednesday, Nebraska Bye

Strangely, Nebraska was given the rare Wednesday bye.  Wait, what the hell is a Rutger?  Nebraska win due to Rutger being a made up thing

Game 3: Thursday Northwestern vs. Michigan

Neither of these teams are very good but Michigan is playing for its NCAA tournament life.  For that reason, I’ll go Wolverines to move on. Michigan: 69 Northwestern: 58


Game 4: Thursday, Iowa vs Illinois

Illinois is bad.  Iowa has been bad recently but is a better team.  If Uthoff and Jok hit shots they can make a run in this tournament.  Also, Iowa fans HATE Adam Woodbury, so that is something to watch during the tournament as he looks as if he is actively sabotaging the team at times but in reality is just kind of uncoordinated. Iowa: 74 Illinois: 62


  Game 5: Thursday, Ohio State vs. Penn State

Ohio State is a strange team with a terrible resume that could really use some wins this week.  However, a win over Penn State doesn’t really help them.  Thad Matta can coach his middling team to a victory here but Penn State should be decent next year Ohio State: 68 Penn State: 60


Game 6: Thursday, Wisconsin vs. Nebraska

We are starting to seperate the wheat from the chafe for all you Nebraska readers Wisconsin: 65 Nebraska: 53

Game 7: Friday, Indiana vs Michigan

Indiana is typically awful in the Big Ten tournament and Michigan needs this win for its resume.  Indiana doesn’t play well but gets enough threes from Nick Zeisloft and Yogi Ferrell to escape.  Michigan to the NIT. Indiana: 74 Michigan: 70


Game 8: Friday, Purdue vs Iowa

Purdue is peaking at the right time and Iowa is tanking at the wrong time but based on their two in-season meetings this is appointment television for B1G fans.  Iowa beat Purdue twice including a 19 point comeback at Mackey – its Purdue’s turn in the postseason. Purdue: 75 Iowa: 68


Game 9: Friday, Ohio State vs. Michigan State

Could this be as good as their football game this past season?  No, no it cannot.  Michigan State is firing on all cylinders and Ohio State barely keeps it close. Ohio State: 59 Michigan State: 79


Game 10: Friday, Wisconsin vs. Maryland

Wisconsin will force Maryland into a slugfest and based on totally rational analysis from Maryland message boards after yesterday’s loss to Indiana, the Terps often lose such games.  Of interest to the group, Maryland is pushing hard for UD’s Archie Miller to save them from Mark Turgeon.  This game comes down to a Melo Trimble three again, but this time, it rims out.  Wisconsin: 67 Maryland: 64


Game 12: Semi-Final Indiana vs. Purdue

Purdue will want it more but Indiana is simply too good on the perimeter for the Boilers.  Indiana: 81 Purdue: 78


Game 13: Semi-Final, Michigan State vs. Wisconsin

Sparty rolls as the Badgers simply have no answer for Denzel Valentine.  Let Frank Kaminsky’s dancing from last year cheer you up Bucky fans! MSU: 71 Wisconsin: 62



Both teams are playing great basketball at the perfect time.  The Hoosiers got housed in East Lansing with no return trip to Bloomington for the Spartans, so this feels like a game they have something to prove.  Winning a regular season title is nice but collecting both regular season and conference tourney shows exactly who the best team in the league is with no arguments to be made.  That doesn’t happen here as Izzo outcoaches Crean (AGAIN!) and continues to show why he is a B1G living legend. Indiana: 67 Michigan State 78


Enjoy the tourney and we’ll recap before the big dance gets started next week!




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