Championship Weekend Picks

We’re trying something new this weekend.  Since we’re only (really) dealing with major conference tournaments at this point, we figured we would try to predict the winners of the semis and finals.  No spreads this time, this will be practice for the tournament picks next week.  For tournaments that don’t end until Sunday we’ll be picking the winner based on our picks in the semis.  There will be beer bets as well.  Let’s see how this goes.

Oh, and if you would like to see how we predicted these tournaments before they started, here you go.

A10 Semis: Stupid Flapping Hawk (25-7; 13-5) vs Dayton (25-6; 14-4) 12:30, CBSSN

Crying Jordan Hawk1

Crying Jordan Hawk2.png

Mike: The Flyers didn’t have to play all that much in the second half yesterday which is going to be a huge bonus today since the Stupid Flapping Hawk (TM pending) had to mount a furious (and impressive) comeback to send George Washington to the NIT.  This should be a great game, and I’ll take the Flyers barely.  Unlike the other A10 Semi….

Nate: Dayton. #AlwaysBetAgainstStupidFlappingHawk.

A10 Semis: Davidson (20-11; 10-8) vs VCU (23-9; 14-4) 3, CBSSN

Mike:  VCU huge.  This game shouldn’t be close.

Nate:  Ditto.  Davidson off a late OT win…quick turnaround.  Love VCU.

A10 Final

Mike: Still seeing a VCU over Dayton final.

Nate:  Agree.  We’re boring.

SEC Semis: LSU (19-13; 11-7) vs Texas A&M (25-7; 13-5) – Noon, ESPN

Ben Simmons

Your next meaningful game will be in the NBA.

Mike: I’m going to take LSU here mainly because I would love to see the chaos that would ensue if LSU wins this tournament.  Also I’d like to see Ben Simmons in the NCAA tournament for a game.  I don’t think they’d earn a second one.

Nate:  Beer Bet.  I’d love to see Simmons in the tournament, but this game screams of Johnny Jones doing something (or not doing something) to cost LSU the game.  A&M

SEC Semis: Georgia (19-12; 10-8) vs Kentucky (24-8; 13-5)

Mike:  Months ago I predicted South Carolina would be sweating out Selection Sunday.  I feel great about that prediction.  But I digress.  Kentucky gets this one easily.

Nate:  Kentucky. Closer than the experts think.

SEC Final

Mike: Kentucky over LSU despite what I would actually like to see.  I still don’t think the SEC deserves more than 3 bids.

Nate: Kentucky over A&M.  They are peaking at the right time, and Ulis is fantastic.

B1G Semis: Michigan (22-11; 10-8) vs Purdue (25-7; 12-6) – Noon, CBS

Mike: That Michigan-IU game yesterday was a triumph of desperation over complacency.  Not that IU should have been anything but complacent, mind you.  Michigan just took advantage.  I don’t expect Purdue to do to Michigan what they did to Illinois mainly because Michigan appears to have some self-respect, but Purdue is playing some serious ball right now.  Purdue.  Big.

Nate:  I can’t take Michigan here, though I want to (I may however play them +7).  Boilers advance.

B1G Semis: Maryland (25-7; 12-6) vs Michigan State (27-5; 13-5) – 2:30, CBS

Mike: Here’s a great game.  Michigan State just demolished Ohio State yesterday in a convincing display of offensive efficiency.  Maryland dispatched a worthless Nebraska squad easily…then closely…then easily again.  I’m sticking with Sparty winning this tournament so obviously they have to win this game.

Nate:  Sparty is absolutely rolling right now.  This may be close…but they get the W.

B1G Final

Mike:  Sparty over Purdue, but I don’t feel great about this pick.  Purdue is finally playing like the Final Four caliber team they seemed to be earlier in the season.  This should be spectacular.

Nate:  I agree Purdue is playing well, and this will be a rematch of a tremendous game in W. Lafayette that was decided on an absolute horrible call.  Sparty wins and gets a #1 seed.

Big East Final: Seton Hall (24-8; 12-6) vs Villanova (29-4; 16-2)

NCAA Villanova Pittsburgh Basketball

Looks likely to happen again.

Mike: I’m stunned that Seton Hall beat Xavier, which is making me reconsider my position that Xavier is an Elite 8 team.  This is a good thing because Xavier is obnoxious.  I’m riding Villanova here.  They are comfortably the class of this conference.

Nate:  The Seton Hall result surprised me last night, and they have the talent to win this.  I just can’t do it.  Nova

Big 12 Final: West Virginia (26-7; 13-5) vs Kansas (29-4; 15-3)

Mike: So much for my “Kansas won’t win the tournament because they don’t have anything to play for” theory.  I’m still taking West Virginia to win this tournament but Kansas probably will because they’re the best team in the country.

Nate:  Damn it, why do we keep agreeing?  Give me the Mulleteers in a thriller.  Burn those couches.

ACC Final: Virginia (26-6; 13-5) vs North Carolina (27-6; 14-4)

Mike: What UNC did to the Irish yesterday is illegal in 37 states.  I’m impressed.  I’m more impressed by Virginia because they’re (right now) my national champion pick.  Probably should ride that.

Nate:  Have been calling Virginia winning the ACC tournament for weeks.  No reason to change this pick now.  Stupid Notre Dame.  Winner of this game gets a 1 seed.  Loser still could get a 1 depending on the Big East and Big 14 results.

Conference of Champions Final: Utah (26-7; 13-5) vs Oregon (27-6; 14-4)


This is awkward.

Mike: This tournament has been excellent and this is the final everyone wanted to see (I assume).  I’ll take Utah but this game is a tossup.

Nate:  Beer Bet.  I’ll go with Oregon, to get a little diversity here, even though I really have no idea how this game goes.  Mike may accuse me of running out the clock on our beer bets, but I’ll show him my tickets later today.



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