Our Brackets – Can Mike Get Some Beers Back?


With the beer payoff on Saturday, Mike has one last chance to cut into the 12-beer deficit (and allow me to decide if I want to drink craft beer or Miller Lite).  Here are our brackets, and as you can see, there are some significant differences not only in the first round (12 beer bets), but also our Final Four picks.

Enjoy the Madness, everyone!



Beer Bets


*8 Colorado (Mike) vs 9 UConn (Nate) – I’m riding the hot hand and the 3.5 point favorite in this one.

*5 Maryland (Nate) vs 12 S. Dakota State (Mike) – Mike going for a 5/12 upset here against one of my Final Four teams.  Yeah, I am going there and am hoping for a Melo Trimble resurgence.

*4 California (Mike) vs 13 Hawaii (Nate) – Can Cal survive the distraction of the dismissal of their assistant coach due to sexual harassment?  They are incredibly talented, but Hawaii has some studs too.

*6 Arizona (Mike) vs 11 Wichita State (Nate) – As you can see, I blew up the South bracket.  My strategy is to be different, and hope like hell that the bracket that blows up is the one that I pick.  Gregg Marshall is instilling the us vs the world mentality…and I like Baker and FVV’s chances.


*4 Duke (Nate) vs 13 UNC-Wilmington (Mike) – I actually am rooting for Mike to gain back a beer here.


*3 West Virginia (Mike) vs 14 Stone Cold SF Austin (Nate) – This spread is only 7.5. Very stinky. Stone Cold is the best team seeded 12-16, according to KenPom.

*7 Wisconsin (Mike) vs 10 Pittsburgh (Nate) – Who knows what is going to happen in this game, as these two teams are pretty inconsistent.  I like Young and Artis just a tad more than Hayes and Happ.  Should be a good game.


*8 Texas Tech (Mike) vs 9 Butler (Nate) – It’s the tournament, which means it is Butler time.  Martin, Jones and Dunham can make a dangerous trio.  My #2 bracket has Butler knocking off UVa.

*5 Purdue (Mike) vs 12 UALR (Nate) – My pick for the 5/12 upset.  UALR looked awfully impressive on Sunday, and while Purdue is playing great, I’ll take a chance here.

*4 Iowa State (Nate) vs 13 Iona (Mike) – Iona is a mid-major Iowa State.  The Cyclones tend to struggle with good defensive mid-majors, and Iona is not that.  Like ISU with the points.

*6 Seton Hall (Nate) vs 11 Duke West (Mike) – Boy, did I not like seeing Duke West as a favorite when the spreads were released.  Hall is too talented, however. Plus, #ABADW.

*7 Dayton (Mike) vs 10 Syracuse (Nate) – Mike already has expressed his displeasure to me about this pick, but I just don’t like the way the Flyers have been playing the last month.  Cuse hasn’t been much better, but they have the best player on the floor in Gbinije.  Should be another fantastic game.


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