Rhody Kill: Dayton-Rhode Island Recap

The Flyers pulled off a significant win last night at home against a very dangerous URI squad.  That is impressive enough.  What takes this game from impressive to borderline shocking is that they managed to win without Cooke and Cunningham – probably two of their three best players.  The selection doesn’t give bonus points for degree of difficulty, but we do.

Some nuggets from the game, in case you missed it:

  • Have you ever seen a moth flying spastically around a light? I’m sure that moth was more graceful than Kendall Pollard in the first half.  Sweet fancy Moses.  He jacked up a contested 3 off an inbounds pass when he didn’t realize the kicked ball reset the shot clock from 1 to 15.  He drove into at least 4 flailing shots that didn’t know anywhere near the rim.  He threw a layup attempt over the backboard.  He travelled repeatedly.  It was just a total mess. Luckily he recovered in the second half and actually ended up shooting 50% for the game (8/16) which is a goddamn miracle.  I don’t know whether he was jacked up because it was his birthday just excited for the game, but I don’t remember ever seeing an otherwise good player play such a bizarre offensive half.
  • Your game MVP was pretty clearly Scoochie Smith. 21 points/6 assists/5 boards/4 steals in 38 minutes with only 1 turnover.  Yeah…that’ll work.  Luckily when Cooke comes back they won’t need him to wear the Superman cape so often.
  • Honorable mention to UD’s defense, which was excellent getting 9 steals, allowing no fast break points (that I can remember), outrebounding URI (!), and forcing them to take a ton of outside shots. Now, they made an absurd number of those shots (10-21 from 3), but you’ve got to like the effort.
  • A quick note about the officiating. The first half was very fast, mainly because there were very few whistles.  In the second half, particularly late in the half, the officials started hyperventilating into their whistles.  To their “credit” they were awful both ways, but particularly in the last 4 minutes they made some truly horrendous calls against the Flyers.  I know college refs are bad, but this was noticeably poor even by their standards.  Nobody wants to watch a free throw contest.  Let the boys play.
  • Ryan Mikesell played a quietly terrific game. He had an opportunistic 9 points and 7 boards, including one truly heads up tip-in on an offensive rebound.  There might be something here.
  • Darrell Davis, however, is a different story. I know I wasn’t alone in thinking Dayton might have a serious shooter on its hands after his freshman year but he has now regressed for two straight years.  He played 27 forgettable minutes yesterday without making a single shot (he did hit a 3 that didn’t count because of an awful call away from the ball on Pollard).  Getting production out of him or John Crosby would really benefit this team, particularly while Cooke is still out.  Hasn’t happened yet.
  • Rhode Island has a squad on its hands. E.C. Matthews and Hassan Martin didn’t play great games yesterday and Martin is still on a minutes restriction, but that was more than compensated for by great games from Kuran Iverson and Stanford Robinson.  Iverson in particular was a handful.  These guys are worth watching as A10 play progresses.

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