Sneakerheads Unite: Dayton-VCU Preview

According to a preview that is definitely shorter than this one, both coaches will be doing the “wear sneakers against cancer” thing. Good for them.

On to the basketball.

Dayton (15-4) (6-1) @ VCU (15-5) (5-2), ESPN2 at 8.p.m. (CST) Spread: VCU-4

Another shocking note from that extremely brief preview that is that Mo Alie-Cox has 5 points, with just three official shot attempts, and five rebounds in the past two games.  That is legitimately shocking. Like Richmond’s T.J. Cline, Mo Alie-Cox seems like he’s been in college for an eternity. Let’s hope he doesn’t find his mojo in this game, although it should be a great matchup for him.


Lots of people go to college for 7 years. They’re called doctors.

  • We’ve been through the Dayton preview.  It basically stands.  Kyle Davis is still hurt (probably).  The key players are still the key players.  Darrell Davis has been better lately, but…still disappointing.  Ryan Mikesell remains a thing.  These guys are who they are at this point.  Tremendous defensively, thin offensively.
  • Fun fact courtesy of Friend of the Blog (not an official thing…yet) David Jablonski of the Dayton Daily News:

  • VCU is looking to tie up both that statistic and the teams’ records in conference.  The winner of this one will be in first in the conference.
  • For the Flyers, this might be their best chance to grab a truly signature win before the end of the season.  Winning a true road game at a tough place to play against a good opponent…this is basically their last chance for such a win.  Thanks, A10.
  • Even with Dayton’s atrocious loss to UMass, they’ve been a far more predictable team than VCU.  The Rams have lost to Illinois (they managed all of 48 points) and Fordham (!).  They have also won their last 3 home games by an average score of 85.3-57. I’m not sure I’ve seen a team this year with starker home/road splits than the VCU Rams.
  • Given that pattern, Dayton looks like they are in a world of hurt.  Sure, VCU’s conference home record has been accumulated by pummeling some lousy teams, but that margin is no joke.  You’d be a fool to take the Flyers +4 based on these results.
  • This might be the subject of a longer post later, but the A10 is a tire fire this year.  In years like that it is very much in the conference’s best interest to have its best two teams (CLEARLY these two) duke it out in high(ish)-profile matchups.  I think everyone is rooting for a close one tomorrow night.

Live look at the A10

  • Did I say that you’d be a fool to take the Flyers +4 in this one?  Then I’m a fool.  Honestly, this spread should be double digits if Vegas was taking the recent history highlighted above seriously.  It’s not and neither am I.  Go Flyers +4.

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