The A10 Has Too Many Rams: Dayton-Fordham Preview


One of the best players ever to lace ’em up. Also pictured, Smush Parker, one of the best players to ever lace ’em up…for Fordham.

Details: Dayton (15-5; 6-2) @ Fordham (9-12; 3-5), 8 p.m., CBSSN

Line: Fordham +11

I’m unwilling to do a comprehensive search for this, but it is pretty unique to have three teams with the same mascot in the same conference. It’s certainly unique to have three Ram teams in Rhode Island, Fordham, and VCU. This might actually be the most interesting thing about this game.

Fordham has beaten two teams (VCU and UMass) that have also beaten UD, so this might not be the laugher it typically is. Still, the Flyers being an 11 point road favorite does feel about right. Fordham might have won 3 of its last 5, but immediately before that it dropped 9 out of 11.

The Flyers dropped a very entertaining game against VCU last time out on Friday. It was a bit of a Jekyll/Hyde affair for the Flyers, though. For the first 15 minutes of the game they looked fantastic on offense and defense (if not on the defensive glass). For the last 25 minutes they looked very pedestrian. They played good enough defense to win but their offense abandoned them for long stretches of that final 25 minutes. This Rams team should offer significantly less resistance than the last one did.

Some quick thoughts on the Flyers since I know absolutely nothing about Fordham:

  • Sam Miller and Ryan Mikesell have taken advantage of the extra playing time they had to absorb this season and are both looking like useful pieces going forward. This is the silver lining you hope for when injuries ravage your team.
  • John Crosby, though…man. He was the unquestioned goat of the VCU game and this blog has been riding him pretty hard all year. The reasons are clear: he has been bad. He hasn’t hit more than one shot in a game since 2016. When he gives Scoochie a breather the team looks like a YMCA pickup squad. Last season he showed flashes of offensive creativity, but this year it looks more like recklessness. This team is desperate for more offensive playmaking and he simply is not giving it to them.
  • Charles Cooke had a rough go against VCU, too. He still seems to be working his way back from the variety of injuries that forced him to miss 3 out of 4 last month, although until the VCU he was still producing decent numbers. I fully expect him to go off in this game.
  • This will be Scoochie’s last game in the Bronx. Expect him to either be brilliant or tight. I’ll bet on brilliant.
  • This should be a confidence-builder for the Flyers, but I’m still worried about their habit of getting off to slow starts. If they come out gunning, this one could get lopsided fast. I’ll take the Flyers -11, but I think it’ll be a tight cover.

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