Fun with SBLI Props and Saturday Winners

The first weekend in February means it’s Super Bowl weekend.  Instead of ripping into College Gameday or last week’s brutal hoops schedule, we’re just going to key you in on some of the best (and most hilarious) Super Bowl props out there.

Then, we’ll get to the picks, as we have a guest picker, friend of the blog and Purdue/UNC supporter, the Dunc.  We’ll see if he can have the success as our first guest, Bill, who went 6-2 and more importantly, won some beers.  All three of us will be watching these games together, which will only add to the fun.  I’m sure some shenanigans will be posted on Twitter throughout the day.  Enjoy.

To the props!  (Per Bovada)

IF the Patriots win will Brady, Belichick or Kraft be seen shaking Roger Goodell’s hand on TV

  • Yes-400
  • No+250

I may actually betray everything I believe in and root for the Patriots just so we can see Goodell be horribly uncomfortable on that stage.

I don’t know if anyone could be more uncomfortable than this guy, though. (Watch it first for the hilarity of it…then watch it again and focus on Bud Selig).

Coin Toss

  • Heads-105
  • Tails-105

My question is this:  If someone goes and puts like 100K on heads, does Vegas move the line like they would any other spread?

Will the team that chooses Heads or Tails in the coin toss be correct?

  • Yes-115
  • No-115

Betting on heads or tails is bad enough, but some people will actually compound that stupidity and bet on this too.  People, please don’t bet on everything you possibly can.

Who will have more Receiving Yards in the game? – Julio Jones (ATL) vs Julian Edelman (NE)

  • Julio Jones (ATL) -2.5-115
  • Julian Edelman (NE) +2.5-115

This one just seems like free money, doesn’t it?

How many times will Donald Trump tweet during the game?

  • Over 1.5-200
  • Under 1.5+150

I thought the over/under would be 7.5 on this one, honestly.

Will “Houston we have a problem” be said on TV during live broadcast?

  • Yes+250
  • No-400

If that moron, Jim Nantz, were calling the game, the odds would be flipped.

Will “Joga pro alto e reza!” be said on TV during ESPN Brazil live broadcast?

  • Yes+150
  • No-200

When I typed this phrase into google, this video came up.  I didn’t search hard enough for the translation, but just from some familiarity with Portuguese, it has to be something about throwing the ball high in the air.  I wish I had the same amount of excitement as this guy. (Stupid NFL won’t allow the video to be played on this page…so hit the YouTube link).

Super Bowl Picks

Line:  Pats -3

Mike: I have some thoughts here. First, Kraft is definitely shaking Goodell’s hand even if the other two won’t so the pick there is definitely the shake. Second, Trump will undoubtedly tweet about this game more than 5 times so Nate was 100% right about that. Third, Julio Jones will have more than 3 more yards than Edelman. Hell, he’ll have more than 50 more yards than him. Finally, I’m picking the Pats -3 only because I want to watch Brady beat Goodell to death with the trophy.

Nate:  After Matt Ryan spent an entire year trying to destroy our joint fantasy team a few years back, there is no way in hell I thought he would lead a team to the Super Bowl.  The Falcons seem like a very, very popular pick, which means I’d take the Pats -3 here, if forced.

Dunc:  Atlanta…moneyline.


Enough fun.  Let’s get to the hoops.

Nate: 22-22 (.500)
Mike: 23-16 (.590)
Beer Bets: 7-7

#23 Purdue (18-5, 7-3) at #17 Maryland (20-2, 8-1):  11 a.m. – ESPN

Line:  Purdue -3

Reason to Watch:  Two ranked teams to kick off the day…what’s not to love?


Mike: This line confuses me immensely. Maryland is both hotter and playing at home. Purdue is good but has seemed to have hit a lull in the past few games. My inclination was to take Maryland and the 3 at home because it was so tempting, but it looks to me like Vegas might know something here that I don’t. Purdue -3.

Nate:  Vegas loves the Boilers. I don’t love the Boilers. But I LOVE Vegas.  Purdue -3.  That was really hard to type.  The last time I thought Purdue would cover, but only picked against them because I hate them, was against Wisconsin.  The Boilers dominated that one, and I think they do the same against the Terps.

Dunc:  A nice little start to the day with this game featuring two of B1Gs top teams.  I still don’t know how Maryland has only two losses because I don’t know who else they have aside from Melo Trimble.  I am not yet a believer as to how good they really are (best win…Kansas State?)  Maryland comes out inspired and pissed off they are dogs at home, while being 20-2 (maybe I am not the only one who does not believe.

If Jekyll shows up for Purdue (limit the turnovers and make open threes)…they win this game easily as no one can stop Biggie Swanigan (B1G POY).  If it is Mr. Hyde that arrives (turnovers, bad team defense, and inconsistency)…Maryland wins.  I witnessed Jekyll on Wednesday in W. Lafayette, so my bet is on Mr. Hyde rearing his ugly head.  Plus, no one likes using Under Armour basketballs.  I don’t believe the points will matter, and I really hope I am wrong on this one.  Terps +3 (and outright).

#9 Virginia (17-4, 7-2) at Syracuse (14-9, 6-4):  11 a.m. – ESPN2

Line:  UVa -6.5

Reason to Watch:  To see if Syracuse scores as many points against Virginia’s stellar defense as John Gillon did against NC State (43).


Mike: Syracuse is atrocious and yet they keep beating teams I think are unquestionably better. I think this will go the way of the ND-Syracuse game. UVa -6.5 for days. I’m aware of and don’t care about Syracuse’s home record.

Nate:  Geez Mike, what’s the problem with Syracuse being 5-0 at home in the ACC? Jimmy B is going for his 1,000th win, except for the fact that the NCAA wants everyone to just pretend actual basketball games didn’t happen.  Virginia is playing superb basketball right now, but I’m just not sure they cover the 6.5. Pass.

Dunc:  To me, this appears to be a boring game.  I’m not a believer in the Orange’s recent streak, and certainly do not buy into the 100-point performance the other night.  Despite being in the dome, I think UVa imposes it’s will on the Orange, as most Syracuse teams in recent years have not been very disciplined.  UVa -6.5

Iowa State (13-8, 5-4) at #3 Kansas (20-2, 8-1):  1 p.m. – ESPN


The Jayhawks have 51 straight in this building.  That’s good.

Line:  KU -11

Reason to Watch: I have it on good authority that the Kansas-Iowa State “rivalry” has hit its peak recently. They have played some truly fantastic games. That being said…nobody beats Kansas at Phog Allen. Nobody. Will Iowa State be the team that bucks that trend?


Mike: No. No they won’t. The 11 point spread actually seems a touch low. Kansas -11.  For the record, I would have taken Kansas -15.

Nate:  Iowa State just isn’t very good this year.  Freaking Lunardi still has them as an 8 seed, which is just absurd.  But Kansas is coming off two huge wins against Top 5 opponents, their players are in the news for vandalizing cars and kicking a girl in the face, and ISU always seems to play KU well.  Cyclones +11.

Dunc:  Just not seeing it here for the Cyclones.  These are not your Fred Hoiberg, run and gun clones, and while I love Monte Morris, I do not see how they stay with Mason, Graham and company in the Phog.  Barring KU sleep-walking through the game after back-to-back big wins at UK and vs. Baylor, I say they win this easily and the cover will not be in doubt by halftime.  KU -11.

Xavier (16-6, 6-3) at #22 Creighton (20-3, 7-3):  2 p.m. – FOX

Line:  Creighton -4.5

Reason to Watch:  There’s traditional Big East basketball and there’s current Big East basketball. This is current Big East basketball at its finest (or close). Both of these teams are excellent squads that have dealt with more than a fair share of adversity. I look forward to Barkley shitting all over them when the selection show comes out. For now, we’re looking at two of the more compelling programs in that conference squaring off. Enjoy.


Mike: Xavier +4.5. I hate myself.

Nate:  Double beer bet #2 here.  Creighton impressed the hell out of me by winning at Butler, and even with Sumner, Xavier wasn’t that good.  Gus may be on the call for this one, and I’m hoping some Marcus Foster triples will draw some HA HA’s.  Fighting McDermotts -4.5

Dunc:  I would have liked to see the rematch with both teams healthy, but that will not be the case here.  Be careful if you value your ACLs in this game, as arguably the two best players are out.  Creighton has bounced back and is learning to play now a few games after the Watson injury.  Xavier has won one without Sumner (albeit vs. the Hall).  I think Creighton takes it, but closer than the experts think.  Xavier +4.5

#5 Arizona (21-2, 10-0) at #13 Oregon (20-3, 9-1):  3 p.m. – ESPN


Our guest picker thinks Trier makes the Wildcats the team to beat.

Line:  Oregon -3

Reason to Watch: One of the most intriguing national stories going right now is whether Sean Miller can join the ranks of the current elite coaches. This Arizona team has the makings of a monster and has elevated the Pac 12 from a conference that is only tangentially relevant to a conference that everyone should care about. The top of that conference is meeting today (minus UCLA) and this is the main event on a Saturday with a fair number of quality games. Can Oregon make a move at home? Will Arizona basically salt away the regular season conference title today? Watch and find out!


Mike: Vegas thinks that Oregon’s pulling this one off…but only just. A -3 spread, to me, is basically a push with the trey going to the home team. That being said, I’ve watched a handful of Arizona games this season and nothing from Oregon. For that reason and that reason alone, I’ll pass. Really looking forward to this game, though.

Nate:  Both teams played like garbage on Thursday night while undoubtedly looking forward to this one.  Arizona was down at half to 4-19 Oregon State, and Oregon almost lost at home to 10-13 Arizona State.  If Oregon needed a buzzer beater to beat UCLA, who Arizona trounced at Pauley, I’m taking ‘Zona +3.

Dunc:  Game of the Day.  Arizona is the best team in the country now that Allonzo Trier is back.  They played uninspired ball for 20 minutes before putting the Beavers away on the first leg of the state of Oregon trip.  Oregon is a tough team, especially at home, and Dana Altman will have them ready to play.  I know they got UCLA by 3 at the buzzer earlier this year at home, but they don’t get by ‘Zona.  Markkanen is a stud frosh many do not talk about, and Oregon will not be able to contain him and Trier. ‘Zona ML

Illinois State (19-4, 11-0) at Wichita State (20-4, 10-1):  7 p.m. – ESPN2

Line:  Shockers -9.5

Reason to Watch:  This is a really important game for both teams to show the committee (if they actually watch the game) that they belong in the tournament.  Wichita is going to be an interesting case, as they are #78 in RPI, but #21 in KenPom.  The Shockers don’t have a win against the Top 100, and are 0-4 against the Top 50.  Illinois State’s resume…not much better, as they have no Top 50 wins, and only two against the Top 100 (including a win in Normal over Wichita).


Mike: Since you don’t get true Mid-Major match ups like this all the time, this is a must-pick for me. I don’t know much about either team but I do know enough about spreads to take Illinois State +9.5. Vegas is betting here that everyone plays the Shockers on name recognition.

Nate:  Whoa, Vegas.  Illinois State dominated the Shockers in the first matchup, but that was with MiKyle (not YourKyle) McIntosh, who led the Redbirds with 20 points.  Wichita struggled a bit at Drake, but won their prior four games by 100 points.  Gregg Marshall gets his revenge…bigly.  Shockers -9.5 for the third double beer bet.

Dunc:  Illinois St. has not lost since before Christmas, and Wushock Nation is looking for revenge after ISU won handily in the first meeting.  This will prove to be one of the day’s better games.  Wichita has not lost since the game vs. ISU, and has done nothing but win convincingly.  While not as sexy, if ISU sweeps the season series, on the road this time, they prove they belong and could be real players come March.  Upset special of the day.  ISU +9.5 (and outright).

#8 Kentucky (18-4, 8-1) at #24 Florida (17-5, 7-2): 7:15 p.m. – ESPN


Line:  Florida -1.5

Reason to Watch:  I have watched two games at Rupp Arena. The first one was a season opener when Western Kentucky shocked the Wildcats. The second game was a dominant Florida team playing an equally dominant Kentucky team in 2004. It was fantastic. I know this game is at Florida and that the teams are somewhat diminished from those heady days, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for this matchup.


Mike: Since I watched that game lo those many years ago I feel especially justified in taking Kentucky +1.5. Always bet on the superior team.

Nate:  Guess where College Gameday is…at a game involving a blueblood.  If Vanderbilt can beat Florida in Gainesville, so can the ‘Cats. Kentucky +1.5.

Dunc:  De’Aaron Fox returns, and UK wakes up from their two game skid and close W over UGA.  While Florida bounced back with three cupcake wins after losing to Vandy, I think UK proves too touch.  Save the points, take the Cats straight up.


#20 Notre Dame (17-6, 6-4) vs. #12 UNC (20-4, 8-2) in Greensboro:  Noon (Sun), ESPN News

Line:  UNC -8

Reason to Watch:  The last time ND played UNC in Greensboro, this happened.


Mike: Whatever. I’ll leave this pick to the experts.

Nate:  Yeah, Greensboro is going to be packed with Carolina fans, but the Irish got a nice gift by not having to play at the Dean Dome.  However, they still have to rebound against the four 8’7 guys that Roy will throw at them.  I’m not sure what the hell Brey’s going to do to keep them off the glass, but I really believe the Irish will get into a nice rhythm offensively and keep this one tight. ND +8

Dunc:  Was looking forward to this as our main event on Saturday, but after the all the analysis above, I could use some water…(too soon??)

The officials postponed this to Sunday, and had to move it because a water main broke 35 hours before tip-off?  Whatever!  While it won’t be as rousing to watch at noon on Sunday, this should be a fun one.  If ND can do anything on the boards, and make all those threes, they will be there until the end.  If UNC plays with the lack of effort they did against Miami and Pitt, they will lose this game.  I say Roy gets them going, and UNC is too much on the boards.  UNC wins, but ND keeps it respectable.  ND +8


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