Initial Bracket Projection – February 6

Now the focus completely shifts to college hoops for the next two months.  OH HELL YEAH!


Bracket projections will be released every Monday night until March, with 1-68 updates on Fridays.

1 Seeds:  Villanova, Kansas, Baylor, UNC

UNC may be a little controversial as a 1 right now, but the leader of the best conference in America deserves it.  Especially with 8 Top 50 and 13 Top 100 wins.  Duke West needs to win at St. Mary’s before they get considered for a top seed, as they currently are 118th in SOS due to their pitiful conference.

Last Four In:  California, Clemson, Illinois State, Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is going to have to win a road game to stay in this, but their excellent wins keep them in for now.  Yeah, Illinois State lost to Wichita by 41…but they did so without their best player.  If the Redbirds and Shockers win out, then meet in the MVC Championship…they’ll both get in.

Next Seven:  Syracuse, Arkansas, Seton Hall, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Ohio State, Michigan

Michigan takes a tumble after losing at home to Ohio State.  Also, how in the hell did Arkansas lose to Missouri?


1 Villanova vs. 16 Weber State/Mount St. Mary’s – Buffalo
8 Iowa State vs. 9 Michigan State
5 Maryland vs. 12 Mid Tenn. State
4 Duke vs. 13 Akron – Orlando
3 Arizona vs. 14 New Mexico St. – Salt Lake City
6 Butler vs. 11 Wake Forest
7 VCU vs. 10 Kansas State
2 Florida State vs. 15 Florida Gulf Coast – Orlando


1 Baylor vs. 16 UC-Davis – Tulsa
8 USC vs. 9 Marquette
5 Kentucky vs. 12 Monmouth
4 Purdue vs. 13 Valparaiso – Milwaukee
3 Louisville vs. 14 Belmont – Indianapolis
6 Xavier vs. 11 Clemson/Illinois State
7 SMU vs. 10 Miami
2 Gonzaga vs. 15 N. Dakota St. – Salt Lake City


1 UNC vs. 16 NC Central/Sam Houston St. – Greensboro
8 Dayton vs. 9 Oklahoma St.
5 West Virginia vs. 12 UNC Wilmington
4 S. Carolina vs. 13 Princeton – Buffalo
3 Wisconsin vs. 14 E. Tenn. St. – Milwaukee
6 Notre Dame vs. 11 Wichita State
7 St. Mary’s vs. 10 Indiana
2 Oregon vs. 15 Winthrop – Sacramento


1 Kansas vs. 16 Texas Southern – Tulsa
8 Virginia Tech vs. 9 Minnesota
5 Florida vs. 12 Nevada
4 UCLA vs. 13 UT-Arlington – Sacramento
3 Cincinnati vs. 14 Vermont – Indianapolis
6 Creighton vs. 11 California/Georgia Tech
7 Northwestern vs. 10 TCU
2 Virginia vs. 15 Bucknell – Greensboro



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