For All the Marbles – Dayton/VCU Preview

Normally, you would get the Flyer providing the preview, but I’ll do my best to give some insight on tonight’s clash with VCU as I sit in a bar at ND awaiting a visit from BC. As far as in-depth analysis on the matchup, that’s not where I’m going to go with this. 

We all know that these two teams are not only the class of the A10…but also are very damn good. Sure, VCU got lucky a couple times, but their starting lineup is filled with talent. Lewis is tremendous, and Tillman and Cox are just two absolute dudes down low. Shooting can be their nemesis, though.

The Flyers have the look of a second-weekend squad with four seniors, which is always a good recipe come March. Jordan Cornette agrees:

By the way, if this happens, Mike and I will be in Phoenix (I haven’t cleared this with him, but I’ll put him on a flight if I have to) and running up all kinds of ridiculous bar tabs. Jordan, I sure as hell hope you are right.

Dayton’s seniors have won 101 games…impressive. Having watched the comeback win over Davidson on Friday, in addition to a few others, I’ve reached two conclusions about this team.

1) Scoochie Smith is a flat-out killer. Those 3 triples in OT were just absurd. What do teams that make unexpected runs in March typically have? A lead guard with swagger.

2) Kendall Pollard and Bonzie Colson are the two most creative scorers in college basketball. Both are undersized, but it doesn’t matter in the least bit.

So where will they be eventually seeded? Currently, I have both as 8 seeds. Dayton, unfortunately, is going to be tied to St. Mary’s due to the home loss. Many places have the Gaels as a 6, which would lead me to believe Dayton’s ceiling is also a 6. However, I’m not sure the committee is going to reward St. Mary’s for shitting the bed twice against Duke West. If the Flyers run the table, I think a 7 is their most likely landing spot. Certainly, this would be better than an 8 to stay away from the 1 seeds. While Mike has reservations with some matchups on the top line, especially against teams with bigs, I don’t necessarily agree.

On to the next pressing issue…what the hell is wrong with Will Wade. One Dayton blog posted some quality clips of Wade completely freaking out.

The dude looks like he was severely picked on as a kid. Good coach, but just a bit of a whiner.


Mike’s got it at 71-68 Flyers, which would be a VCU cover (+5).

I’m sold on the Flyers. Not only do they cover, but they win this one by 11. Flyers 75-64. 

I hope you guys get to celebrate a title tonight. This senior class deserves it. Oh, and don’t forget to tweet @VCURamJimmy about it.


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