Yinz Gahn Dahn ta Pittsburgh? A10 Preview: Day 2

Yesterday happened. Let’s not relive it. Today we inch closer to the teams of consequence in the A10, but we’re not quite there yet.


Until then, we’ll have to keep slogging through the wretched refuse of the A10’s lower and middle classes.

Let’s get on with it.


#8 La Salle vs. #9 Davidson

jack gibbs

This game should be at least mildly entertaining. Davidson, despite a variety of deficiencies involving its ability to keep its best players healthy and a lack of good players, remains a dangerous team on a day-to-day basis. La Salle is one of the most annoying teams in the conference. There’s nothing about them you want to take seriously and yet they’ll jump up and bite you squarely in the ass if you don’t. I picked Davidson in this one only because Davidson has the higher end talent, but La Salle could easily muck this one up enough to take it. The winner gets Dayton, which will be nearly a double-digit favorite against either team.


#5 St. Bonaventure vs. #12 UMass

stop stop

The Bonnies beat UMass twice this year, although only by 4 at home somewhat recently. Normally you would take that “it’s hard to beat a team three times” thing seriously, but normally the team you have to beat three times is better than UMass. The Bonnies should win this one comfortably but…actually I can’t think of a “but.” This should be a beating.


#7 George Mason vs. #10 Fordham

Monkey paw

Yes, that’s right. The A10 was so bad this year that Fordham managed to pull a first-round bye. If that sounds condescending, it is meant to. Fordham is a joke. George Mason seemed like a boon to the conference when it joined, but it has turned out to be an albatross. This year, Mason was a better team than it has been lately. That’s good! Mason still finished seventh in a weak conference. That’s bad! Mason still drew Fordham in the first round. That’s good! This game doesn’t matter. That’s bad!

That’s as far as I can stretch this gimmick. Watch this game at your own risk. VCU will beat the winner of this one by a minimum of 12 points.


#6 George Washington vs. #11 St. Louis

Lucy Football

George Washington pulls the football out and reads the paper that flutters down which reads, “Congratulations, you have to watch SLU again.” Real downer for Lucy and for anyone else who has to watch that garbage team play another basketball game. The good news for the Colonials is that there is almost nothing they can do to lose this game. Good riddance SLU, you were a disease on college basketball that needed to be eradicated.

The La Salle/Davidson game isn’t terrible. We’re getting there. Tomorrow is the real start of the A10 Tournament. That will be fun.


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