10 Quick Takeaways from ND/Georgia

We usually stick to hoops around here, but here’s one man’s view of the Notre Dame Stadium renovations from the South End Zone and an all-too-familiar feeling after an NBC four-hour special.  I thought there were a lot of problems with that loss, but I’m not going to get fired up about the on-field product.  It’s a new normal.  62 days until opening night at DePaul.

1.  The video board / ribbon boards are excellent.  I can’t express how nice it is to be able to look up at a replay after a borderline call, or during a review, instead of having to text a buddy “Catch?” with a 10% chance of the text actually going through.

2.  On said ribbon boards, we do not need to see “Band of the Fighting Irish” at halftime.  Give us some scores, stats, Hurricane Irma updates…anything.  I get that people get giddy about the band (I am not one of those people), but the reason you have ribbon boards is to be able to put all kinds of info on there.

3.  To the fans that booed Muffet during the reading of the State Police warning…get a life.  I’d love to see Brey get a shot at reading it, which would result in a Vegas line of -250 for him going off script and calling someone “a man.”


4.  On Twitter, there was a lot of animosity to the people who sold their tickets to Georgia fans.  Again, get a life.  If you can make a few grand and pay for your tickets for the entire year, more power to you.  Plus, the people who sold their tickets are most likely the people who get more upset about someone standing up in front of them for five seconds than they do when the Irish turn the ball over.

Georgia fans travel and are loud.  I’d say it was about 65/35.  Whatever they did at the beginning of the fourth quarter with the lights on the phone and the chant…well done.

5.  I forget the exact sequence, but let me set the scene.  The Irish make a big play to get some momentum right before a TV timeout.  On the video board, ND proceeds to show a very well done, yet serious video that just sucks all the air out of the stadium.  After the five minute NBC timeout, the stadium is dead.

Might I suggest an Irish hoops hype video instead?  Want to keep the crowd lathered?  How about some highlights of the Bonz putting up 31 on Duke?

6.  Am I the only one who wanted to see the leprechaun just get plowed when he ran on the field at the end of the 3rd quarter, five seconds after the ref announced that there would be one untimed down?  The beloved band really screwed the pooch by showing their football knowledge by starting “the Lou song” (that’s what I’ve called it since I was a kid) too early.

7.  That “all-world” offensive line…maybe “all-county.”

8.  The gig might be up with BK’s happy/calm act.  He showed his true colors in the post-game presser.  Read about it here and here.

Pat Forde certainly didn’t sugarcoat his thoughts…

9.  Just a thought about college football in general…I’m all for going to the NFL clock.  Four hours for a game is way too long.  Teams rarely huddle anymore, and can produce a 10-12 play drive in less than two minutes because the clock stops ALL THE TIME.  Well, unless you need 50 yards to get into field goal range at the end of the game…

10.  Overall, ND did a very nice job with the stadium renovations.  Unfortunately, they were not matched by the on-field renovations.


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