Clemson 67 ND 58 – Recap


It’s pretty simple for ND these days.  They aren’t losing because they are missing two players.  They aren’t losing because of their defense.

They are losing because their guards cannot shoot the ball.  Open looks…there were plenty of them.  The bigs are doing their job…and more.

That’s the analysis…here are the stats to back it up.

Today  11-39 FG (28.2%), 5-26 3PT (19.2%)

Rex (last four games) – 5-32 FG (15.6%), 3-16 3PT (18.8%)

TJ (last four games) – 22-65 FG (33.8%), 8-27 3PT (29.6%)

Farrell (last two games) – 10-36 FG (27.8%), 6-24 3PT (25%)

Rex/TJ/DJ/Djogo/Farrell (last five games) – 29.2% FT, 27.0% 3PT

That’s all I have.  Maybe the bye week will help them, but if they shoot like that Saturday against Virginia Tech, the Irish will be looking at 5 straight Ls.


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