Bracket Update – March 9

Had a bout with food poisoning, so I’m going to keep this update brief.

What happened to MTSU?

Giddy Potts and the Blue Raiders sure picked a great time to forget how to play basketball.  Closing the season with a Q3 loss at home, and then a Q4 loss in the conference tournament is not going to do you any favors.

MTSU’s non-conference Top 10 SOS will be talked about for the next three days, but the wins just aren’t there to cover up the blemishes.  Whatever computer spit out that ranking is giving them a ton of credit for winning at Murray State and Vanderbilt.

A comparable resume is 2016 San Diego State, who missed the field.

MTSU:  24-7, RPI: 31, SOS: 84, NSOS: 9, Q1/Q2: 5-4

2016 SDSU:  25-9, RPI: 42, SOS: 70, NSOS: 4, Top 100: 3-7

What will the committee do with the Irish?

I have no earthly idea.

Going back to 2016, Wichita did not have a tournament resume at 24-8, with a SOS of 119, one Top 50 win, and four Top 100 wins.  But they went 1-3 early in the season without Fred Van Vleet.  The committee obviously took this into account and slotted them barely in the tournament.  Then, the Shockers went on to win 2 games.

The only hope for the Irish is that the committee looks at Oklahoma and Arizona State and would rather take a potential Sweet 16 team over two teams that did ALL of their damage in 2017.

Last Four In:  Marquette, Baylor, Oklahoma St, USC

In Consideration:  St. Mary’s, Louisville, Notre Dame, Arizona State, Syracuse, MTSU

Some changes may occur over the next couple of days when I have some more time/energy to really dig into these resumes.

South – Atlanta

Charlotte 1 Virginia (1) 16 LIU Brooklyn/Texas Southern
8 Kansas State 9 St. Bonaventure
5 Gonzaga 12 New Mexico St
Boise 4 Wichita State 13 Vermont
Dallas 3 Michigan State 14 Charleston
6 Miami 11 Baylor/USC
7 Seton Hall 10 Florida State
Nashville 2 Auburn 15 Wright State

West – LA

Wichita 1 Kansas (4) 16 SF Austin
8 Virginia Tech 9 Creighton
5 Ohio State 12 Loyola-Chicago
San Diego 4 Arizona 13 Murray State
Wichita 3 Tennessee 14 Montana
6 Nevada 11 Providence
7 Arkansas 10 Texas
Pittsburgh 2 UNC 15 UCSB

East – Boston

Pittsburgh 1 Villanova (2) 16 Radford/Hampton
8 Rhode Island 9 NC State
5 Florida 12 S. Dakota State
Boise 4 WVU 13 Louisiana
Dallas 3 Michigan 14 UNC Greensboro
6 Houston 11 Oklahoma
7 Texas A&M 10 Butler
Charlotte 2 Duke 15 Lipscomb

Midwest – Omaha

Detroit 1 Xavier (3) 16 Penn
8 Missouri 9 UCLA
5 Texas Tech 12 W. Kentucky
San Diego 4 Clemson 13 Buffalo
Nashville 3 Purdue 14 Bucknell
6 Kentucky 11 Marquette/Oklahoma St
7 TCU 10 Alabama
Detroit 2 Cincinnati 15 Iona

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