Final Bracket (2018)

Davidson winning the A10 steals a bid…but from who?  It very well might be the Irish.  Thanks, Rhode Island.

I’m sticking to my guns that this committee is going to put them in, based on the comments by Bruce Rasmussen over the past few days.  He repeatedly said that the Irish were a “unique situation” and there were multiple discussions in the room regarding their candidacy.

Is their resume alone strong enough to validate a bid?  Probably not.  But, look at all the other teams, and tell me definitively that someone deserves the bid over another.  It’s a crapshoot.  The committee absolutely took the Bonz/Farrell injuries into account, and that can only help their case.  It all depends on if they were slotted as the last team in the field before today.

Late last night, Andy Katz asked Bruce what differentiates teams on the bubble, and he listed:  1) how a team fared away from home; 2) how a team did against other tournament teams; and 3) the schedule the team played.

Of the power conference teams on the bubble, the Irish have the most road/neutral wins.

Notre Dame (9-9)
Marquette (8-7)
Arizona State (7-7)
Florida State (7-9)
Butler (6-10)
Texas (6-10)
Oklahoma State (6-9)
Syracuse (6-8)
Louisville (6-8)
Oklahoma (5-11)
Creighton (5-9)
Baylor (4-10)

From the day that the Top 16 teams were revealed, Bruce stressed the importance of road/neutral wins.  Even without Bonz for 15 games and Farrell for 5 games, the Irish managed to pile up 9 wins away from home, including a win without both at Syracuse.

If they get in, you’ll hear Bruce reference this…guaranteed.  If they don’t get in, it will be the losses to Ball State and Indiana.


Michael Reaves / Getty Images

What about the little guys?  St. Mary’s and MTSU have more road wins because they play in lesser conferences.  I don’t think either gets in, and precedent backs that up.

*2018 St. Mary’s: 28-5, RPI: 40, SOS: 165, Q1: 2-1, Q1/Q2: 4-3, 2 bad losses

*2016 St. Mary’s: 27-5, RPI: 40, SOS: 163, Top 50: 2-2, Top 100: 6-3, 2 bad losses

The Gaels didn’t make the 2016 field.

*2018 MTSU: 24-7, RPI: 34, SOS: 89, NSOS: 8, Q1: 2-3, Q1/Q2: 5-4, 3 bad losses

*2016 San Diego State: 25-9, RPI: 42, SOS: 70, NSOS: 4, Top 50: 1-4, Top 100: 3-7, 2 bad losses

Giddy and the boys aren’t getting in either.


Last Four In: St. Bonaventure, Oklahoma, Creighton, Notre Dame

Out (in order):  Marquette, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, MTSU, St. Mary’s, Syracuse, Louisville, Baylor, Penn State

SOUTH – Atlanta

Charlotte 1 Virginia 16 LIU Brooklyn/NC Central
  8 Missouri 9 UCLA
  5 Gonzaga 12 Davidson
Boise 4 Texas Tech 13 Montana
Dallas 3 Michigan State 14 UNC Greensboro
  6 Arkansas 11 San Diego State
  7 Nevada 10 Florida State
Detroit 2 Cincinnati 15 Georgia State


Detroit 1 Xavier 16 Iona
  8 Kansas State 9 NC State
  5 Houston 12 Buffalo
Dallas 4 Auburn 13 Marshall
San Diego 3 Arizona 14 SF Austin
  6 Ohio State 11 Loyola-Chicago
  7 Texas A&M 10 Butler
Pittsburgh 2 Duke 15 Lipscomb

EAST – Boston

Pittsburgh 1 Vilanova 16 Radford/Texas Southern
  8 Virginia Tech 9 Rhode Island
  5 Kentucky 12 New Mexico State
San Diego 4 WVU 13 Charleston
Wichita 3 Michigan 14 Bucknell
  6 Florida 11 St. Bonaventure/Notre Dame
  7 TCU 10 USC
Charlotte 2 UNC 15 UMBC


Wichita 1 Kansas 16 CS Fullerton
  8 Providence 9 Alabama
  5 Clemson 12 South Dakota State
Boise 4 Wichita State 13 Murray State
Nashville 3 Tennessee 14 Wright State
  6 Miami 11 Oklahoma/Creighton
  7 Seton Hall 10 Texas
Nashville 2 Purdue 15 Penn



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