2/19 Bracket

Kentucky moves up to the #3 overall seed, while Tennessee drops to #4.  ‘Duke West’ falls to #5 overall, but stays in the West.

At the bottom of the bracket…it remains ugly.

*A couple home wins for Nebraska makes their resume look a little better, especially with high NET/KenPom rankings.

*UCF is a tough one, as they don’t have a Quad 1 win.  They’ll get their chance, as they travel to Cincy, Houston and Temple in the final weeks of the regular season.

*I dropped Butler out because their best win is on a neutral floor against Florida, which they then followed up by getting blown out in Gainesville.  If I have Florida out, then Butler should be out at this point too.  Florida is a lot closer after winning at Bama this weekend.

*Keep an eye out for Houston and LSU, who I have at 9 and 10, overall.  With the Nick Ward injury, one could slide up to the 2 line.

Last Four In:  Nebraska, Temple, Clemson, UCF
Next Five:  Florida, Butler, Utah State, Indiana, Furman


Columbia 1 Duke 16 Norfolk State/Quinnipiac
8 Wofford 9 Baylor
5 Wisconsin 12 Arizona State
San Jose 4 Texas Tech 13 New Mexico St
Tulsa 3 Houston 14 Radford
6 Virginia Tech 11 VCU
7 Ole Miss 10 Seton Hall
Des Moines 2 Michigan State 15 N. Kentucky


Columbia 1 Virginia 16 Prairie View/St. Francis PA
8 Ohio State 9 Auburn
5 Florida State 12 Nebraska/Temple
Hartford 4 Iowa State 13 Hofstra
Tulsa 3 LSU 14 Old Dominion
6 Villanova 11 TCU
7 Cincinnati 10 NC State
Des Moines 2 Michigan 15 Loyola-Chicago


Columbus 1 Kentucky 16 Sam Houston St
8 Washington 9 Syracuse
5 Kansas State 12 Clemson/UCF
Jacksonville 4 Marquette 13 Yale
Hartford 3 Purdue 14 Vermont
6 Mississippi St 11 Lipscomb
7 Iowa 10 Oklahoma
Jacksonville 2 UNC 15 Texas State


Columbus 1 Tennessee 16 Bucknell
8 Buffalo 9 Texas
5 Louisville 12 Alabama
San Jose 4 Nevada 13 UC Irvine
Salt Lake City 3 Kansas 14 S. Dakota State
6 Maryland 11 Belmont
7 St. John’s 10 Minnesota
Salt Lake City 2 Gonzaga 15 Montana


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